5 Inspiring Indoor Window Box Ideas to Brighten an Room

DIY indoor window box ideas

Enjoy the best features of your garden from the comfort of your own home – add an indoor window box! You have probably seen outdoor window boxes before. But did you ever consider that it’s just as easy to build window boxes indoors? This option is so exciting because it allows you to take advantage of HVAC to extend your growing season. Plus, it brings the organic sights and smells of your garden right into your living spaces.

Fun and Trendy Indoor Window Box Ideas for the DIYer

You don’t need much money, material, equipment, or expertise to carry out your own DIY indoor window box project. So why not get creative and upgrade your home in a uniquely natural way? We have highlighted five inspiring ideas for you to consider below.

Fresh Produce on Demand

Does your kitchen have a window or two that gets a lot of natural sunlight? Why not install an indoor window garden and use it to grow your own fresh herbs or salad greens? These bright, flavorful ingredients elevate any meal, and they cost a lot less when you grow them yourself rather than buying them at the store.Plants Beside the window - Penny Window

New Life for Reclaimed Wood

Since gardens have a naturally rustic look, reclaimed wood is a great material to use for your DIY indoor window box. You can easily find free pallet wood that can be reworked into dozens of unique designs. You can also salvage wood from other projects around your home.Plants besides the window

Installation Made Easy

If you love the idea of an indoor window box but simply don’t have the tools or skills to complete the project, don’t worry. You can accomplish the same goals as an indoor window box without attaching anything to your walls or windows. Consider placing an end table, pedestal, or short bookcase next to a sunny window. Then simply arrange mason jars, pots, or any other planting receptacles along the flat upper surface.Indoor Window Box

Window Box as Canvas

Your window box doesn’t have to be drab looking, and it doesn’t have to be overshadowed by the things you grow. Add a bold new design element to any room by making a DIY indoor window box and then painting it with bright colors and intricate designs. If you are really ambitious, you can then coordinate the things you grow with the designs you paint to create unique works of art that are a hybrid of the natural and the man-made.Indoor Window Box

Window Box as Storage

Indoor windows boxes are typically used for gardening, but who says they can’t also be used for storage? The space under your windows often gets wasted, and a window box is an affordable and compact alternative to a big cabinet or bookcase. Use your window box to hold linens, toys, pet supplies, or just about any kind of clutter.

Penny Window Makes All Windows Better

If you’re trying to add style, utility, and value to the area around your windows, you need to be sure to consider the windows themselves. After all, why put a window box on a window that looks worn out, lets in a draft and harmful radiation, and is long overdue for a replacement? Start out with great looking windows, and then improve them with your own unique window boxes. Get a free, no-obligation estimate from Penny Window, and discover how economical a window upgrade can be.

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