5 Reasons You Should Consider Storm Windows

storm windows

It’s an option you should consider this season.

People don’t usually thinking of storm windows as a major home improvement.

But in practice, adding storm windows is an easy and affordable way to enhance some of the best features of your home. Here are five reasons it’s an option you should consider this season.

Upgrade Your Home Windows for Less

Maybe you would like to replace your home’s old, worn out windows but can’t commit to the project just yet. Storm windows cover up these shabby, older windows, giving your home a clean, contemporary, recently-updated look for a fraction of the cost of total home window replacement.  In fact, they are so beneficial that the federal government has created informational documents on the benefits and different types of storm windows.

Insulate Your Home from the Elements

Significant amounts of the air that you pay to heat and cool is lost though your windows. And for all that floats out, harsh hot and cold air from the outside floats in. That forces you to pay more for energy, while causing your home to feel uncomfortable. Storm windows increase the thermal barrier between the inside and the outside significantly. And once your home is energy efficient, you save money every month and enjoy a pleasant temperature in every room.

Protect Your Home from WeatherWindow Styles

Over time, the weather takes it’s toll on your home. And just one bad storm can cause huge amounts of damage. At best, your expensive windows start to look worn out, and at worst the glass gets broken out. Storm windows provide an extra layer of protection, safeguarding not just the glass but the wood and paint of the frame as well.

Add a Stylish Home Accent

Storm windows are available in a wide range of colors and styles. Instead of detracting from the look of your home, they enhance it significantly, and give you lots of interesting design options to work with. If you want to live in a home with real curb appeal (or you want to sell one) storm windows offer an eye-catching element.

Filter the Light in Your Home

The UV radiation in natural light is the largest cause of fading in your furniture, paint, carpets, and rugs. Sunlight is great in your home, but it leaves some of your most prized positions looking weathered no matter how hard you try. Today’s windows offer superior UV filtering, letting all of the brightness and warmth of sunlight in while removing the damaging radiation.

Penny Window is Your St. Louis Storm Window Source

If storm windows are a feature your home is missing, Penny Window is here to fix the problem. We will help you find the right storm windows at the right price, and take care of the installation on your schedule. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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