Make a One-of-a-Kind Christmas Wreath this Holiday Season

Have fun, spend less, and give your home a personalized look

Putting up a holiday wreath is one of the easiest and classiest ways to decorate your home for the holidays. The only problem is that the wreaths you buy in the store are often expensive and underwhelming. If you like to do crafts, especially with kids, why not make your own DIY Christmas wreath this year? You probably have most of the materials you need already, and the potential to be creative and unique is limitless. Here are nine fun ideas to get you started.

Use what You Have – You can make a Christmas wreath out of just about anything. We have seen clever examples made from playing cards, wine corks, old t-shirts, and even cookie cutters.

Think about the Shape – Wreaths are traditionally round, but that’s not a rule. Consider making your wreath into a rectangle, triangle, diamond, heart, or something more abstract.

Use Ornaments – Hanging one or two Christmas ornaments off of your wreath is a great way to give the wreath a genuine holiday feeling.

Go Natural – It’s not a requirement that Christmas wreaths be made out of natural materials, but the crisp green of pine boughs and the bright red of seasonal berries can be striking. You can find season-specific material at most home and garden stores.

Make an Inside Wreath – If you plan to hang a wreath on the inside of your home you can use more delicate materials, like Christmas cards you receive, or pictures of friends and family that you want to remember around the holidays.

Build with Candy – Who doesn’t love a sweet treat around the holidays? One easy idea for a striking front door decoration is to use peppermint hard candies to make your Christmas wreath. You can also use popcorn.

Don’t Stop at One – One wreath on your front door looks great, so just imagine the effect if you had several. If the wreaths are appropriately sized and spaced out evenly you can turn your entire front door into an attention-grabbing holiday decoration.

Focus on the Standards – When in doubt, focus on some of the standard looks of the season like bows, stars, and snowflakes.

Get Colorful – You want anyone and everyone that passes by your home to notice your wreath. Make yours as visible as possible by using bold colors and dynamic color schemes. Christmas doesn’t have to be just green, red, and white.

Get Your Windows and Doors Ready for the Holidays

Where you decide to hang your wreath is a matter of personal preference.  Your wreath will be most noticeable on your front door, as the focal point of your house.  We also love the look of multiple wreaths hung on windows, to dress your entire home.

After the wreath is hung, take a minute to inspect the condition of the window or door it’s on. Do they look as good as they used to? Are they letting in a cold winter draft? Are they secure? If your windows or doors are not meeting all of your needs, contact the team at Penny Window. We have a huge selection of affordable replacement doors and windows, and installation expertise you can rely on. Get a free, no-obligation estimate today!


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