A Homeowner’s Guide to Andersen 100 Series Windows


Are your energy bills increasing, yet your home is still not keeping a comfortable temperature; then it may be time for you to consider Anderson 100 Series windows. According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) resource page, windows contribute to 25%-30% of your home energy use.

If you do not have energy-efficient windows, that’s a lot of time your HVAC unit is running and tossing money out the window. Penny Window is a window replacement company in St. Louis. We are proud to provide Andersen 100 Series windows that are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

Read our homeowner’s guide for more information on the benefits of the Andersen 100 Series window line.

An Introduction to Andersen 100 Series Windows

The Andersen 100 Series is an innovative alternative to vinyl windows. Andersen has created Fibrex material that is as strong as wood and twice as strong as vinyl. They also offer easy maintenance and color options found in vinyl windows.

These windows are highly customizable and come in a large variety of styles. The Andersen 100 Series allows for different types of glass options that are energy efficient in all climates.

Andersen 100 Series Types of Windows

Anderson Series 100 WindowWindows from the Andersen 100 Series offers a variety of windows for your specific needs and style. They can also be formed into customized shapes to personalize the look of your home.

Single-Hung Window

This type of window opens from a single lower sash that slides up and down.

They are an energy-efficient replacement option that works very well with historic homes in which maintaining the traditional style is essential.

Casement Window

You may have heard this type of window called a crank window. Casement windows are opened with a handle. They have a hinge on the side and can be designed to open to the left or right.

Customers who purchase casement windows like them because they open wide to offer unobstructed views and are easy to clean from the inside of the home.

Awning Window

Anderson 100 Series WindowsAn awning window is hinged on the top and opens outward from the bottom. They are great for days when you want fresh air but need protection from the rain.

Awning windows can be used as a single unit or paired with other window styles to offer extensive views with the option of protected ventilation.

Kitchens, bathrooms, attics, and basements are areas of the home that often need extra ventilation.

Gliding Window

The Andersen 100 Series Gliding Window slides to the side. They can be purchased as a single gliding window with a stationary sash or three sash units with two glide windows.

Many people like the ease of opening a gliding window compared to pushing up on other styles. They are perfect for areas of the home in which you would like to have a wide horizontal view.

Picture Window

Anderson 100 Series WindowsA picture window is designed for viewing the outside. They do not open. Often they are combined with other styles such as awning windows above them that offer ventilation.

Because they are permanently sealed to the frame, picture windows offer excellent insulation and low maintenance.

Specialty Shape Window

The Andersen 100 Series offers 12 standard shapes for specialty windows customized for different size options.

They are beautiful alone as a statement piece or combined with other windows to create a large viewing area.

Andersen 100 Series Window Colors

Andersen Windows offers an exciting variety of colors for both the interior and exterior of your home.

Interior Color Choices

No more blah white-only options for your interior! You can also choose black, dark bronze, and sandstone to compliment your interior decor.

Exterior Color Choices

In addition to white, there are more exterior colors to create a personalized look that stands out. Choices are black, dark bronze, cocoa bean, terratone, and sandstone.

Andersen 100 Series Window Benefits

In addition to affordable and stylish choices, Andersen Windows has several benefits that you can feel confident about. With over 115 years of experience, Andersen is a trusted name in the window industry for technology advancements and high performance.

Innovative and Sustainable

Andersen’s designs offer sleek profiles, contemporary styling, and darker colors with a durable and low-maintenance finish. Never paint again!

Andersen continuously works to find ways to reduce or avoid negative impacts on the environment.

What’s It Made Of?

The strength found in Andersen 100 Series windows comes from Fibrex material. This material is made from 40% reclaimed wood and 60% thermoplastic polymer, often reclaimed and recycled.

The result is strong insulating properties and low maintenance with a positive impact on the environment.

Energy Efficiency

Andersen Windows is the recipient of the 2021 Energy Star Sustained Excellence award. This award is the highest honor given for superior energy achievement and environment protection efforts.

Andersen Window Repair Services

Penny Window has been repairing windows and doors in the St. Louis area for over 50 years. We have access to the best home window manufacturer’s products and usually complete a repair within 24 hours.

Andersen Doors and Windows Near Me

Penny Window strives to be the best window company in St. Louis. With over 60 years of serving the needs of satisfied customers, you can feel confident that you will receive outstanding service from a reputable company.

For more information on Andersen 100 Series windows and other brands we carry, consider Penny Window for custom-made windows that will fit your home perfectly.

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