American Craftsman Windows and Doors Review

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Beautiful Quality Construction

One Of The Nation’s Most Popular Brands

American Craftsman is one of the nation’s most popular brands of windows and doors, and for good reason. Their products combine quality construction with innovative materials and deliver a level of home enhancement it’s hard to find anywhere else. If you are considering adding American Craftsman windows and doors to your home, you have a lot of choices. We’ve put together this quick review to help you make the right pick.


American Craftsman windows are available in a number of stylesamerican craftmen window

  • Double-Hung Windows – Two vertically sliding glass panels are housed in a single frame and can open from either the top or the bottom. These windows open fully while remaining flush with the wall, making them a popular choice around patios and walkways. Both glass panels tilt for easy cleaning.
  • Single-Hung Windows – These windows look the same as double-hung windows and offer many of the same benefits but they can only be opened from the bottom.
  • Casement Windows – A hinge on the left or right side of the window allows the glass panels to open outwards like a door. These types of windows are popular above kitchens, and they can be be grouped in a number of flexible configurations, giving you added style options.
  • Gliding Windows – These windows features either two or three panes of glass and open similar to double-hung windows but slide to the left or right rather than up or down. Many homeowners choose gliding windows for their contemporary look.
  • Awning Windows – Similar to casement windows but with the hinge at the top of the frame, awning windows are great at letting in breezes and are often grouped with stationary windows to enhance the airflow in the home.
  • Specialty Windows – Specialty windows cannot open but they do come in dynamic shapes with curves and sharp angles. They are typically used as a design element and can be arranged to subtly accent the lighting in your home.
  • Hopper Windows – This style of window opens inward from the top. They are popular in attics and basements and are often used to enhance ventilation in cramped spaces.
  • Bay or Bow Windows – These windows project outward from the home and come in a wide variety of groupings. They add volume to any space and let in ample amounts of light.


American Craftsman makes just one style of door, but like all of their windows, it is of the highest quality.

  • Gliding Patio Doors – This type of door has at least one panel that slides smoothly past another panel. Theses doors are popular because they open flush with the wall, meaning that they won’t interfere with furniture placed close to them. They also let lots of light into the home.

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