Simple Backyard Renovations for Summertime Entertaining

backyard renovations

Upgrade Your Patio with Easy Backyard Renovations

Small projects that lead to big improvements. There are few things nicer than relaxing on a patio on a warm spring or summer day. Whether you’re alone with a cold drink and a good book, or surrounded by friends and family over for a BBQ, your patio is the best part of your home when the weather is nice. If you plan on spending lots of time out there this season, use these backyard renovations to make a great space even better:

Change Your Back Door

Patio doors are obviously the best choice for your patio space. They make entry and exit easy, they stay open to let in the breeze, they create a large opening to load stuff in or out of your home, and they let in lots of light and a beautiful view. If you have something besides a patio door, or the patio door you have is worn out, consider replacing it.back door_backyard renovations

Improve Your Siding

Even though your backyard landscaping is likely the focal point of your patio, the rear facade of your home is a big part of the view, too. If that facade is dirty, dingy, outdated, or worn out, it drags down the ambiance of the entire space. Think about having new siding installed that looks great, stands up to the elements, lasts for years, and cleans up with minimal effort.

Swap Out Your Gutters

Gutters that are defective or damaged can cause your patio to turn into a muddy, debris-filled swamp. Even if it’s not a rainy day, your patio may be unusable because of standing water. If this has been a problem in the past, or you know that your gutters are getting old, replace them before the next patio season starts.gutter_backyard renovations

Add Lighting

Your patio lighting sets the mood for the entire space. Unfortunately, many patios either rely on overpowering flood lights, or candles and torches that are dim at best. This year, have some permanent lighting installed that provides safe levels of visibility without blinding you and your guests.

Upgrade Your Equipment

A patio is only as good as the furniture and equipment that it relies on. You would be amazed at how a patio space transforms after you get new chairs, a more practical table, an awning or covering, a newer grill, or even a water feature. Without investing a lot you can seriously upgrade the comfort and convenience of the space.furniture_backyard renovations

Backyard Renovations are Easy with Penny Window

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