can you paint vinyl siding

Your Guide to Painting Vinyl Siding

Make sure your painting project goes off without a hitch

The short answer is yes, you can paint vinyl siding. But this is a unique kind of painting project that you can’t just dive into. Before you break out the brushes, learn everything you need to know to paint vinyl siding.

Issues Involved with Painting Vinyl Siding

  • By painting your vinyl siding you may be invalidating any warranties that came with it. Be sure to check with the manufacturer/supplier in advance.
  • The advantage of vinyl siding is that it’s largely maintenance-free. When you paint it you eliminate those benefits and open the door to future repainting projects.
  • Painting the entire exterior of your home is a big project. Understand how much time/work/equipment/paint is involved before you commit.
  • Your color choices are relatively limited. Light colors will not work on top of darkly colored vinyl siding.
  • Painting is a temporary fix. If your vinyl siding is damaged and worn out it will eventually require replacement even if it looks great with a new coat of paint on it.

Steps for Painting Vinyl Siding

  1. Watch the Forecast – The weather can complicate your exterior painting project. Try to start and finish on a day that has mild temperature, low humidity, and an overcast sky. Too much heat and humidity can compromise the paint application.
  2. Pick the Right Paint – You can’t go with just any type of paint. Painting vinyl siding requires you to use a paint that contains acrylic or urethane resins and is the same shade or lighter than the one you’re replacing.
  3. Clean the Surface – All mold, mildew, chalky buildup, and debris will need to be removed from the surface of the vinyl before you apply paint. Use a solution that is 1/3 cup laundry detergent, 2/3 cup powdered household cleaner, 1 cup bleach, and 1 gallon water. Scrub the area you intend to paint by hand, and then rinse with a hose. Make sure the surface is dry before you begin painting.
  4. Apply Paint – You will not need to apply a primer coat unless your siding has become especially pitted and porous. A roller or even paint sprayer will work for the majority of the areas, but a brush will be necessary for the edges and the areas around windows. Apply a thin, even coat across the entire surface. Allow this to dry, and then apply a second coat. Give this coat a full 24 hours to dry before doing anything else to the siding.

Penny Window has Your Siding Solutions

Painting vinyl siding is possible but not necessarily worth it. After all, the fix is temporary, and it doesn’t correct underlying issues with your siding. Rather than shouldering the cost and labor of a big exterior painting project you might be better off simply replacing the siding. You’ll likely be replacing an inferior product with a superior product that looks great and insulates your home. Before you make up your mind, request a free estimate of replacement vinyl siding costs.

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