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Front Porch Ideas

5 Curb-Appealing Front Porch Ideas for Winter Months

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This time of the year the leaves have gone, the sky is turning gray, and what little grass that is left is now brown. Winter’s change of color can certainly affect the way your house looks. While you can’t fool Mother Nature into bringing back the leaves or making your grass green again, you can add some decoration to your front porch.  Read More

rustic home decor

Rustic Home Decor That’s Perfect For Fall

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Create That Perfect Fall Look with These Rustic Home Decor Ideas

When the fall season finally comes around that means the temperatures are falling, the leaves are changing color, and homeowners everywhere are looking for ideas on how to achieve that colorful and festive Fall look. The good news is you don’t actually have to live in a farmhouse next to acres of harvested crops to achieve this look. Follow these rustic home decor ideas to transform your St. Louis suburban house or city flat into something perfect for the crisp autumn season. Read More

Window sill

3 Year-Round Window Sill Gardening Ideas For Every Home

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For real gardeners, gardening isn’t just a hobby…it’s a passion. And for those who live in less temperate climates, that means a passionless Fall and Winter while the temperatures dip and the ground freezes. But there’s a solution: year-round window sill gardening.

Window sills are often the most underutilized space in a house. They collect dust, dead bugs, and splashes of dirty dishwater, but few homeowners take advantage of this space and turn it into something decorative. Read More

how to clean vinyl siding

How to Clean Vinyl Siding: Our Tips and Tricks

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How to Clean Vinyl Siding the Easy Way

Clean siding leads to a beautiful looking home. One of the very best features of vinyl siding is that it does not stain, age, or show many signs of wear and tear. But to keep it looking its best, it’s necessary to clean it once in a while. After a harsh season of weather, you may find your siding looking a little dirty. Learn how to clean vinyl siding quickly, easily, and effectively using strategies from our siding experts. Read More