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Installing Storm Doors

The Benefits of Storm Doors

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Your front door is the gateway for you, your friends, and your family members to walk in and feel at home. No matter what kind of front door that you have, you might be considering whether or not you need something else to add on to it. Storm doors can be a tremendous option to protect your house’s doors, as well as several other benefits.

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Front Porch Ideas

5 Curb-Appealing Front Porch Ideas for Winter Months

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This time of the year the leaves have gone, the sky is turning gray, and what little grass that is left is now brown. Winter’s change of color can certainly affect the way your house looks. While you can’t fool Mother Nature into bringing back the leaves or making your grass green again, you can add some decoration to your front porch.  Read More

backyard renovations

Simple Backyard Renovations for Summertime Entertaining

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Upgrade Your Patio with Easy Backyard Renovations

Small projects that lead to big improvements. There are few things nicer than relaxing on a patio on a warm spring or summer day. Whether you’re alone with a cold drink and a good book, or surrounded by friends and family over for a BBQ, your patio is the best part of your home when the weather is nice. If you plan on spending lots of time out there this season, use these backyard renovations to make a great space even better: Read More

guest house designs

Home Renovation: Guest House Designs

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The Basics of Guest House Designs

Add style, substance, and value to your property. What kind of homes have guest houses? First, homes that have the space available to build an additional structure. Second, homes owned by people who regularly host overnight guests, or would like to host more often. Third, homes that want to have higher property values than the homes around them. If this sounds like an exciting addition to your home, start thinking about guest house designs: Read More

exterior doors

Exterior Doors: The Importance of First Impressions

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Focus on one feature and enhance everything around it. What would you guess is the first thing that people see when they look at your home? You might be tempted to say the paint color, the architectural style, or the landscaping. But the answer is actually your exterior doors. Most homes are designed with the front door as the focal point, and the eye is naturally drawn to this feature first.

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