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preparing your home for sale

Getting a Full Price Offer – Preparing Your Home for Sale

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How to Prepare Your Home for Sale and Get the Full Asking Price

Making a few small investments now can help you get a big return when the house hits the market

As someone who has purchased a home before, you know that there is a lot of negotiation and wrangling that precedes the actual sale. The buyer naturally wants to secure the lowest price while the seller naturally wants to secure the highest. But in the rare instances when the buyer is so enticed by the home and excited to move in, they will often forgo the negotiation process entirely and offer the full price up front. It really does happen, but only when the homeowner starts preparing the home for sale in advance. Here’s how:

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winterize your home

Winterize Your Home

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Winterize Your Home to Protect Your Home

Simple tips that anyone can use

The days are getting shorter, the temperature is falling, and wintertime is right around the corner. Before the snow, ice, and freezing weather arrive, take steps to winterize your home. With just a little bit of work around the house you can keep your heating bills low and protect your home from wintertime extremes. Here is a general checklist:

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Gutter Contractor

Find a Gutter Contractor & Installer in St. Louis, MO

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Key Features of a Gutter Contractor

Pick the best and skip the rest

There are two key components to upgrading your gutters – finding the right new gutters, and finding the right gutter contractor and installer. Without both your new gutters won’t look and function the way you want them to. Unfortunately, it’s fairly easy to evaluate your gutter options but fairly difficult to evaluate your gutter contractor and installer options. As you begin searching for companies in St. Louis and St. Charles to work with, look for these criteria to ensure you’re partnering with the right team: Read More

Seamless Gutter Systems

Seamless Gutter Systems for Strength and Durability

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What are Seamless Gutter Systems?

And why are they better than traditional gutters?

When was the last time you inspected your gutters? They could be in worse shape than you realize, and affecting your home more than you know. The simple fact is that gutters are one of the most important features of your home, and also one of the most overlooked. If yours are in bad shape, it’s time to seriously consider a replacement.

As you begin to investigate your options, we highly recommend that you consider seamless gutter systems. For many reasons, these are simply the best looking, longest lasting, and most effective gutters out there. And if your goal is to replace your gutters and put them out of your mind, there is no better option than seamless gutters systems. Read on to learn everything you need to know. Read More