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window frame types

3 Most Common Types of Window Frames

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Exploring Window Frame Types to Improve Your Home

Find the style to achieve the look of your dreams

What do you think the most visible part of the home is? The front door? The landscaping? The paint job? All of those grab attention, but in fact it’s the windows that impact the overall look and feel of a home the most. The shape of the windows adds a dynamic geometric element. The color of the window frames boldly complements the rest of the color pallet. And the material of the glass contrasts the stone, brick, stucco, and wood elsewhere. Windows make an impact. Learn about the 3 most common window types as you consider interesting ways to improve your home.

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How to Build a Sunroom For Your Home

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Why Build a Sunroom?

Are you considering building a sunroom?

Are you running out of room but finishing off the basement is not within your budget? Do you enjoy the outdoors and wish to enjoy the nature all year long in rain, snow, wind or shine? Are you looking to do more entertaining in your home and want to create a space you and your guest can enjoy? Or maybe you have green thumb and want to garden all year long.

A sunroom can provide you with all these benefits and more!

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energy efficient doors

Why You Should Install Energy Efficient Doors

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Enhance Your Home with Energy Efficient Doors

The smart choice in home improvement

Replacing your doors is a great way to enhance the look of your home and introduce creative new design schemes. But replacement doors are more than just a cosmetic upgrade. That’s because thanks to improved manufacturing and better-quality materials, many of today’s replacement doors actually improve your home’s energy efficiency. And that has a big impact for as long as you live in the home: Read More