What Style of Window is Right for You?

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What type of window is right for your home?

Though you don’t often think about them, windows can be one of your toughest choices to make when building a new addition or home.

Windows can be seen from the inside and outside of your home. With so many aspects to think of, where do you start?

Most choices are made easier when you look at other housed and designs in your neighborhood. Matching the theme often provides the best look. You also need to pick windows based on what type of house you live in – ranch, split level or two story.

Though the classic look is often a colonial double hung window, with a grid pattern, many home owners are decide to modernize with different styles. No matter what type or style of window you’re looking for, Penny Window has you covered.

Double Hung Window

Windows Styles Double HungThe most popular style of window is the Double Hung, because they fit in almost any situation and are very easy to operate.

They’re also endlessly customize-able with different types of materials and patterns, making the Double Hung a stylish choice.

Operating sashes slide up and down and tilt in for easy cleaning from the interior making window cleaning a breeze.

Slider Window

Windows Styles SliderThe Slider Window is another style that is simple to operate.

This style slides from side to side on rollers or plastic slides. Not only does this make opening them a breeze, but the lack of weight that has to be lifted helps those who cannot lift heavier weights.

Great for over counter top sinks and counter areas where reaching is needed. For all these reasons, the Slider style is another popular choice.

Picture Window

Windows Styles PictureThe Picture Window is a fixed glass unit allowing the maximum amount of light and clearest view possible for a window.

Picture windows are used for center windows within a bay window, bathroom or an area where the views are a must.

The only drawback is the fact that this unit cannot open for ventilation. But the views will be spectacular in the right settings.

Awning Window

Windows Styles AwningAwning windows are unique because they open from the bottom and push outward.

It could be compared to a vented picture window. Most of the time, this type of window is used close to the ceiling so that rising heat can escape when the window is open.

This awning style also creates a type of roof for the window when in the open position allowing ventilation when the elements are is a factor.

Casement Window

Windows Styles CasementThe casement window opens like a hinged door, swinging out from the wall, left to right and right to left.

This style is often chosen because it gives you the most glass viewing area without obstructions.

This hinged picture-like window also has a full screen for maximum venting purposes.

Sizes can be limited on this style due to the hardware limitations.

Hopper Window

Windows Styles Hopper

The Hopper style window is often used in basements. It’s design allows it to open from top down inward.

It is also often used to create a vented picture window style when placed below a picture window.

This style also comes with a full screen for maximum venting purposes.


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