5 Pro Tips for Safe and Shiny Christmas Lights This Season

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Is Clark Griswold your idol when it comes to Christmas lights? Do you want your house lit up so that overpassing jets can admire your skill? Well, with these simple tips, we can help you achieve your goal (and do it with far less risk for injury than Clark would do it).

Your Guide to Christmas Lights and Simple Installation

Here are 5 really simple things to remember this year when installing your Christmas lights:

#1: Have a good ladder. Most of your time installing your Christmas lights is going to be spent off the ground. Make sure you have a dependable, sturdy ladder to use. You’ll need an extension ladder if you plan on decorating those uppermost portions of your house. And for the lower areas, a solid step ladder that doesn’t wobble is a necessity since you don’t want to keep moving that heavy extension ladder from spot to spot.

#2: Plan your design. Hanging Christmas lights isn’t an improvisational art form. You need to make sure you’ve got the right kinds and colors of lights to fit your design plan. Icicle lights are made to hang from the gutters, not the windows. Have a plan in place that provides just the right symmetry for framing your house. And speaking of windows, don’t forget those, especially those facing the front of the house. Having a good window frame design can be the difference between good and great when it comes to Christmas lighting. Perhaps most importantly, plan according to where your electrical outlets are placed and where you can inconspicuously use extension cords. You don’t want your beautiful design marred by unsightly cords running every which way or get halfway through hanging before figuring out you can’t reach the source of your electricity. That leads to:

#3: Measure twice, hang once. Save yourself time and frustration byIf I had a dollar for every homeowner who gets well into hanging Christmas lights only to realize his measurements were just a little bit off. Make sure your strands cover the surface area you intend to cover and that the aforementioned outlet needs are taken into consideration. Nothing puts a damper on the Holiday Spirit quite like having to take down lights and start over again because you didn’t measure properly.

#4: Test your lights. This might sound like a no-brainer, but again, you’d be surprised how many homeowners put in the hard work of hanging lights only to discover one non-working bulb breaking the whole circuit. Save yourself a lot of time and frustration and check those bulbs before you get up on the ladder!

#5: Have an assistant. This can be your spouse, one of your children, a neighbor. They don’t have to have any talent, just the ability to stabilize your ladder, get additional clips and strands, so you don’t have to go up and down the ladder. Seriously, each year, emergency rooms are packed with homeowners who have accidents while hanging their Christmas lights. Sadly, some even lose their lives because no one is there to help. You can do all the design work, climbing, and hanging, and take all the credit when it’s done, but have someone on hand to help you with the little chores and make sure you’re safe.

Make Sure Your Windows Shine Bright

These little hints just require a little planning and patience on your part. If you follow them, with your imagination, you can become the neighborhood expert of exterior illumination! Pairing your new Christmas lights with windows from Penny Window. Start now and receive your free estimate today!

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