Decorate for Halloween with These Spooky Window Ideas

decorate for halloween

It used to be easy to “decorate” a home for Halloween. Put a jack-o-lantern on the porch, turn on the porch light and wait for the kids to get candy. Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, or spooky party, homeowners love a chance to decorate.

Decorating the exterior of your home is even more important for Halloween than it is for Christmas. After all, this is a holiday celebrated entirely outside your house. Nobody’s coming in to see the festive orange and black decor in your living room. All the families in your neighborhood are headed for your front door. That means putting extra effort into making a great first impression from the street.

Three Creative Ways We Love to Decorate for Halloween

Here are three easy and inexpensive ideas for to decorate for Halloween, especially your windows. No home improvement skills are needed…just a little creativity and spookiness to turn your home into a haunted house.

Window Silhouettes

Halloween is a holiday shrouded in mystery. What’s more mysterious than a window with a scary figure shadowed against drawn shades or curtains. You can get as scary and as complex as you want with this Halloween decoration. Craft stores sell all types of pre-packaged silhouettes, ranging from black cats and ghosts to skeletons and monsters. If you’re crafty yourself, you can make your own silhouettes. Perhaps a Headless Horseman hiding behind a curtain. Or maybe the outlines of knives, chainsaws and other murderous tools next to the silhouette of a lunatic preparing to use them. Like Christmas, it depends on how far into the “spirit” of the holiday you’d like to go.

Haunted Windows

Your windows can also be used as an accent that adds to other areas of your house you’ve decorated. Perhaps you’re going for the scary haunted house look. The really frightening stuff might be located somewhere else on your property, like the garage or the front yard, but the windows can add that haunted ambiance. Paint some cardboard “boards” and put them across your windows, giving it that long-abandoned look. Adorn the frames of your windows with cobwebs and spiders. If you really want to get scary, make some “zombie hands” trying to claw their way from behind the boards!

Windows to Terror

If black cats and witches seem like child’s play and you really want to put a scare into your visitors this Halloween, your windows can be the key component to your scene. “Bloody” messages like “Help me!” can be scrawled on the glass with washable paint. Add in some smeared, bloody handprints, and the kiddos will be approaching your front door with curiosity and caution.

It All Starts with Your Home’s Windows

One of the fun benefits of being a homeowner is getting creative with your family when you decorate for Halloween. This Halloween, turn your house into “that house” in your neighborhood that everybody has to see. The key to turning your home into the most haunted house on the block starts with your windows.

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