DIY Window Replacement vs Professional Window Replacement: Which Choice is Right For You?

DIY window replacement

What if you could finally replace that cracked window in your home?  Until you fix your windows, you are putting your home at risk of everything from invasion to a high electric bill. However, many homeowners are at a crossroads between getting professional window replacement and trying a DIY window replacement.  Is it time to replace your windows and you’re wondering which choice is right for you? Keep reading to discover the answer!

Saving Money

Let’s start with the obvious: yes, replacing the windows yourself is going to save money versus hiring a professional. However, these money matters are more complex than you may think.

For example, you are going to have to spend a lot of time shopping for and buying windows, reading about how to replace them, buying all the right tools, and then trying to figure out how to install them by yourself, etc., it all eventually adds up.

It’s a bit cliche, but still true: “time is money.” Rather than focusing on saving a few dollars here and there, you may want to focus on how many hours and entire days you might lose to handling this on your own.  Not to mention, what it could cost you if you don’t install the windows property just to have them corrected by a window professional.

Rather than risking doing this on your own to save some money, considering replacement windows should last you a lifetime, it may be best to call a pro.

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Experience Level

One major factor to consider: how experienced are you with house repair, much less replacement your windows?

You should know that replacing windows is an advanced skill, even for those with lots of “handy” skills. If you’ve barely ever picked up a hammer or don’t own a toolbox, this should not be your first DIY attempt.

It’s true that you can look up “how to replace a window” on Google or Youtube. But those guides often assume you are very experienced, and they may leave out some information that an inexperienced person will have no way of knowing.

In short, you should go with your gut. If you feel very confident about this project, well then, handle it yourself.

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Tools Available

Earlier, we mentioned your toolbox. That brings up a natural question: do you already have the right tools for replacing windows?

For most people, the answer is “no.” And while you can obviously purchase the tools you need, this ultimately cuts into the money you might save by doing it yourself.

Let’s say that you have to replace a window on your second floor and you must access it from the outside. This means you’ll for certain need a sturdy and tall ladder.

Here are the other tools that you’ll need in your toolbox:

  • Caulk gun
  • Tape measurer
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Putty knife
  • Small pry bar
  • Waterproof shims
  • Level
  • Power drill/driver
  • Utility knife
  • And, don’t’ forget the safety glasses

Size of the Job

Another factor in whether you should tackle this on your own is the size of the job. Here are our two cents: the larger the job, the better you are having a pro handling the work.

This all comes down to “risk vs. reward.” If you are replacing a single window, you can do it yourself and save a bit of money. And if something goes wrong, the potential for damage and exposure to your home is minimal.

But what if you are replacing half a dozen windows? At this point, there is a much greater chance of failure. And faulty installation of multiple windows could expose the majority of your home to elements, intrusions, and other safety hazards.

Protecting the Home

home burglarer breaking into a windowWhen replacing windows yourself, you should constantly ask yourself this question: “what will I do if something goes wrong?”

Professional installers already have that question answered. And the best ones will have multiple ways of protecting your home, both during regular installation and in the event of something going wrong.

This all comes down to the fact that your money is buying more than a window when you call a pro. It’s buying the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home and your family is going to be safe.

Guaranteed Work

Speaking of peace of mind, here are our favorite two words when you work with a pro: “installation guarantee.”

Most professionals offer some kind of guarantee on their work. And it usually boils down to this: if something goes wrong, they will fix it at no additional cost.

That is great news if you have been counting every last coin when it comes to replacement costs. Compare this to doing it yourself: you will constantly find the need to buy something new through the whole process.

Furthermore, you can always consult with the pro by phone after the job is completed. This provides additional peace of mind that we find reassuring.

So, Which Is Best?

So, is it better to do it yourself or hire a pro? The honest truth is that it depends on, well, you!

If you are a handyman (or woman) with years of experience and a variety of tools, you can probably tackle this with no problems. But with all due respect, someone who is inexperienced and needs a flashlight to find his toolbox is infinitely better letting a professional handle everything.

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Professional vs. DIY Window Replacement: The Bottom Line

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