Do I Need Window Repair or Replacement?

Do I Need Window Repair or Replacement?

On average, a house has 22 windows. There’s a lot that can go wrong, especially when you have that many in your home. When you have issues with your windows, it can be hard to tell whether you need a repair or replacement. When this happens, you’re probably crossing your fingers, hoping minor problems can be solved with a fix. Installation of a new window takes more time and money, after all.

So how do you determine whether you need a window repair or replacement?

In this article, we’ll discuss the various problems that can appear with your windows and if you need a repair or replacement.

They’re Leaking Water

When you’re in your home, you should be able to stay warm and dry. But faulty windows can quickly change all that.

Yes, it’s true that window seals should keep water and cold air out. But before you call for a repair or replacement, check your gutters and drainpipes first.

If these are improperly positioned, then they won’t drain right. In this case, even perfectly working window seals won’t keep out all that water. If you notice these aren’t looking quite right, try rerouting them and see if this fixes your water leakage problem.

Still, have water leaking through your windows? Then you might have an issue with your exterior window casing. You’ll have to get your window replaced to fix this problem.

There’s Rot

This issue is linked to the last. If there’s any moisture seeping through your window, and it goes unnoticed for a while, then you’ll get rot in your wood.

Luckily, if you catch it early enough, then you can have a professional repair the rot. But if it’s too far gone and the wood’s sturdiness has been compromised, then, unfortunately, you’ll need to get it replaced.

Your Windows Get Foggy on the Inside

Chances are, you don’t have a single-paned glass. Typically, homes have double or triple panes, which are great for insulation.

However, if you start noticing condensation inside the panes, then there’s something wrong. The issue is, these insulated glass units (IGUs) are now sealed and permanent, which is different from the multi-paned glass before. In the past, glaziers would set those panes into place, which meant if you had problems in the future, they could take it apart and rebuild it for you.

So if you have more modern panes of glass in your window, and you notice it getting foggy on the inside, you’ll have to replace it. There’s no way for this issue to be repaired. You may be able to get away with just replacing the sash, but chances are, you’ll have to replace the entire window.

They’re Cracked or Broken

For aesthetic reasons alone, you should get your window replaced if it’s cracked or broken. Another great reason to get a replacement is for your safety; the structural integrity of the glass is compromised by the crack or break, which means it won’t take much for it to break further or even shatter completely.

If you don’t have the budget to replace your window, you can certainly try to repair it. But this is only if it’s a single-pane window. You can either DIY it or have a glazier come to replace it.

Otherwise, if you have double or triple-paned glass, you can try getting the sash replaced instead. However, you may still want to consider a whole replacement if you have additional issues with your window beside the crack or break.

The Muntins and/or Mullions Are Broken

Don’t know what these are? Muntins and mullions are the thin pieces of wood that run across your window, vertically and horizontally.

Usually, these run between individual smaller panes of glass. But in many windows, it may just be one large pane, with faux muntins and mullions running across.

If your windows fall in the latter category, the bad news is, you can’t replace them. However, the good news is, it won’t affect your window, so you won’t have to do anything (unless the aesthetics bother you a lot; then, you’ll have to replace your window).

If your window has multiple panes, then you can try and rebuild the muntins and mullions that are broken or rotting.

The Sashes Are Broken

Do you feel like you’re overexerting yourself whenever you open or close your windows? Then the sashes may be broken. The problem may be that it’s come off the track, or there are broken cords or springs.

With this issue, you won’t have to replace your windows. Instead, you can simply get it fixed. There are sash repair kits you can buy and use yourself.

They’re Not Energy-Efficient

If you feel your windows aren’t energy-efficient enough, you won’t have to replace them straight off the bat. You can try replacing old caulk with new, both on the inside and out. You can also install weather stripping for further insulation.

If you don’t see a noticeable change in your utility bills after a little while, then you may need to get new windows installed. This may be especially true if you have single-pane windows, as they’re very poor at insulating houses. Go for double or triple-paned when you get your replacements.

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