Considering a Double Door Entrance?

double door entrance

Is a Double Door Right for Your Home?

Give your home a bold new look

When homes are constructed, the front door is naturally positioned as the focal point. It is surrounded by other design elements, but the eye is eventually drawn back to the entrance of the house. A single front door effectively grabs the attention, but to really make a statement and add a stately quality to the home, there is nothing like a double door. If you’re considering a front door upgrade, this option deserves your consideration. Here are a few reasons why:

Gives the Illusion of Space

When you see two doors where typically there is only one it is just natural to think that the area behind them is larger. And since double doors are so often a feature of grand homes and mansions they elevate the sense of proportion on an average size home. Just keep in mind that not all entryways can accommodate a double door.

Makes Loading Easier

If you have every tried to move a couch or dresser through a doorway that was just a little too narrow you understand what a maddening and back breaking experience it can be. Double doors make it a lot easier to get things in and out of the home because they give you so much clearance. You don’t have to worry about skinning your knuckles or damaging your door frames ever again.

Creates a Sense of Symmetry

The human eye is naturally attracted to symmetrical proportions. Homes usually strive to achieve a sense of symmetry, but that can be interrupted with a single door. Double doors renew the balance and naturally elevate the look of the entire home. Viewers may not know why they like the look better, it just seems more attractive.

Lets in Light and Air

Many double door styles feature windows on both doors, some potentially quite large. That creates another source for light to stream into your home and can give your foyer an appealing natural quality. Plus, when both doors are open you can let warm breezes flow through your house, especially when you have a back door open. This might save you the need for AC on a warm day.

Find Your Double Doors at Penny Windows

If you are charmed by the look of double doors and ready to make a change at your home, find tons of styles and sizes to choose from at Penny Window. From classic to contemporary we have a look to suit your tastes. We also have the installation expertise to get the new doors situated perfectly. Request a free estimate today to find out just how affordable a major home upgrade can be.


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