Why You Should Install Energy Efficient Doors

energy efficient doors

Enhance Your Home with Energy Efficient Doors

The smart choice in home improvement

Replacing your doors is a great way to enhance the look of your home and introduce creative new design schemes. But replacement doors are more than just a cosmetic upgrade. That’s because thanks to improved manufacturing and better-quality materials, many of today’s replacement doors actually improve your home’s energy efficiency. And that has a big impact for as long as you live in the home:

Save Big on Your Utility Bills

You pay good money to heat and cool your home. But if that climate controlled air is leaking out through your doors and harsh outside air is leaking in, you will have to pay more each month just to maintain the same level of comfort. Simply upgrading to energy efficient doors makes it possible to save big every month, savings that start to add up quickly.

Even the government wants you to have an energy efficient home!

Enjoy a More Comfortable Homeenergy efficient doors

If your home is drafty and cold during the winter and stuffy and hot during the summer, it’s probably because your existing doors don’t create a tight enough seal. Not only does that run up your utility bills, it also makes it hard to sleep, relax, and feel comfortable in every room in your home. Switching to energy efficient doors solves the problem immediately.

Protect Your Furnishings

Energy efficient patio doors don’t just create a tighter seal. They also feature glass that has a clear coating designed to filter out UV radiation. Over time, this harsh radiation causes carpets, upholstery, and even paint to look faded and worn out. But with the radiation filtered out, you still get ample amounts of warm, bright sunshine, but it has no damaging effect on your home. Everything inside looks better for longer.

Go Green

All of us are interested in living more sustainable lifestyles.

Switching to energy efficient doors helps you significantly cut down on your carbon footprint by helping your to use less heating and air conditioning.  Tweet This

This is a great way to go green that has a major impact without obligating you to change your lifestyle in anyway.

Penny Window is Your Supplier of Energy Efficient Doors

Clearly energy efficient doors are a great option. But your might not realize how affordable they are, how many styles and colors they come in, and how long they last. If you are considering a home improvement, there is no reason not to go with energy efficient doors. When you are ready to start exploring your options, contact Penny Window.

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