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The benefits far outweigh the costs. Why make your home energy efficient in 2016? Just consider some of the benefits:

  • Cut down on your gas and electric bill every single month
  • Help your furnace and AC last longer
  • Feel comfortable in every room in your home
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Make a meaningful commitment to clean living

2016 Green Guide: Making Your Home Energy Efficient

Those are compelling reasons, especially when you consider how easy it is to improve energy efficiency. You don’t need to invest a lot of time or money or have extensive home improvement expertise to slash your usage by the end of 2016. Put these projects on your checklist:

  • Upgrade Your Appliances: Newer, high-efficiency appliances use a fraction of the energy of older appliances while offering a lot of new features and capabilities that will be exciting to the modern homeowner.
  • Program Your Thermostat: If your thermostat has settings, program it to scale back your HVAC while you are out of the house or sleeping. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, it’s worth investing in one.
  • Keep Out Drafts: It doesn’t take an open window to create a draft. Close up gaps and holes around the windows and doors to keep drafts out, and climate controlled air in. Did you know that a ¼” gap under your door is equivalent to a 3”x3” hole in the wall?
  • Replace Windows: Older windows provide a poor thermal barrier, letting harsh outside air and damaging UV radiation in while letting your HVAC bleed out. Newer windows are air tight by comparison, and placing them strategically helps you to promote a cool breeze in the summer.
  • Use Better Light Bulbs: CFL and LED bulbs use a lot less energy than incandescent bulbs. And thanks to recent bulb enhancements, these energy-efficient bulbs now cast the warm, yellow light you’re used to.
  • Swap Out the Furnace Filter: If the filter in your furnace is old and dirty, it forces the furnace to work harder to draw the necessary air. As a result, it has to use more energy and work harder to keep your home at the desired temperature.
    Insulate: Huge amounts of hot air escape out of your attic, and your walls are another climate killer. Insulating these spaces keeps the air you want inside and the air you’re trying to avoid outside.
  • Turn on the Fan: Ceiling fans, attic exhaust fans, and even box fans are all great alternatives to cranking up the AC. Until the worst heat of the summer, you may be able to get by using just fans and open windows.
  • Tinker with Your Water Heater: If your water heater is set between 120 and 140 degrees your water will be as hot as you can stand it. Water heaters set at a temperature higher than that are simply wasting energy.

Rely on Experts for the Big Efficiency Upgrades

Many of these projects you can do yourself. Buying Windows & Doors eBookBut some, like window replacements, are best left to experts. The team at Penny Window can help you find energy-efficient windows that look great on your home. We can also help you achieve a more energy efficient home using new doors, siding, and even gutters. Get a free estimate on any of our offerings today.

Before you start upgrading to energy effcient windows and doors, explore our free eBook to help you choose the best windows and doors for your home: The How-to Guide On Buying Windows & Doors.

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