5 Curb-Appealing Front Porch Ideas for Winter Months

Front Porch Ideas

This time of the year the leaves have gone, the sky is turning gray, and what little grass that is left is now brown. Winter’s change of color can certainly affect the way your house looks. While you can’t fool Mother Nature into bringing back the leaves or making your grass green again, you can add some decoration to your front porch. 

Front Porch Ideas to Stand Out in Your Neighborhood

Bring a sense of life back to your home during the chilly winter months with these simple front porch ideas.

Start with the Front Door

Not only is your front door the entry portal to your home, but it’s also the focal point to the front of your house. Start there with any decorating plans. You probably want to hold off until springtime for that fresh coat of paint, but a nice wreath on the front door is the perfect centerpiece to your front porch decor. Dried flowers come in a variety of colors and can be found at your local craft supply store. Pick the colors you like and add some ribbon for accent and you’re off to a good start.

Don’t Wait Until Spring to Use Flower Pots

You probably have some empty planters or flower pots sitting around in the garage. Fill them with evergreen boughs and pine cones for the ideal winter floral look. These can bracket your front door or line the railing of your porch. Feel free to accent with any leftover dried flowers from your wreath.

Decorate with Winter Supplies

You don’t have to go to the garage or storage shed to fetch those items you need for winter home maintenance. Keep them close on your front porch, and in the right container, they can make nice front porch decorations. Build and paint a decorative box to hold firewood or kindling. Rock salt in a rustic old iron bucket adds a nice touch, as does birdseed. For added effect, you can even prop up your snow shovel in a corner on your porch.

Front Porch Ideas

Search for Unique Antique Furniture

Perhaps you’ve put away any tables and chairs you had on your porch during spring and summer. You can fill those empty spaces with some “well-weathered” antiques you might find at a local antique store or flea market. The “distressed” look of old wood and metal will add to the rustic feel you’re trying to achieve for your porch. It doesn’t matter whether you can sit in the chairs or if the table is a little wobbly. These items are just for show, so they’ll probably come cheap, and you don’t have to invest any time fixing them. As an added touch, pick up some “old-fashioned” sleds, skis and skates for decoration while you’re antique shopping.

Use Your Christmas Leftovers

Santa and Rudolph may have headed back to the North Pole, but for Frosty the Snowman, winter is just getting started. Snowmen make excellent front porch decorations. You can also keep up any clear lighting you used at Christmas time around your porch area so neighbors can appreciate the beauty of your front porch even in the evening.

Invest More into Your Curb Appeal

Winter doesn’t have to rob your home of its beauty. Spruce up the exterior of your house with these simple front porch ideas, and consider taking that next step towards increasing your home’s appeal with windows, doors, and siding. At Penny Window, we take pride in our business and strive to offer our customers everything you deserve and more, so we invite you to take advantage of our free estimate.

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