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The Basics of Guest House Designs

Add style, substance, and value to your property. What kind of homes have guest houses? First, homes that have the space available to build an additional structure. Second, homes owned by people who regularly host overnight guests, or would like to host more often. Third, homes that want to have higher property values than the homes around them. If this sounds like an exciting addition to your home, start thinking about guest house designs:


This is the factor you will need to consider first because it impacts every other aspect of your guest house. Decide how much space you need to build a comfortable guest house and how much space in your yard you’re willing to sacrifice. Remember that even a tiny house can be very comfortable, and by building vertically, you can rely on a smaller footprint. Be sure to check on laws and ordinances that could limit your construction options.


Your goal is to build a functional, comfortable guest house without breaking the bank. The good news is that it’s possible to construct a great space without spending tens of thousands of dollars. Figure out how much you can responsibly invest in the project, and then start looking for ways to save on construction and materials costs.


Since your guest house is smaller and probably more secluded, you can be as ambitious as you would like in terms of style. Build yourself a rustic, cozy cabin. Work with sleek, modern designs. Or combine styles to create a structure that is truly one of a kind. The sky is the limit, and you are free to be as creative as you would like to be.guest house designs


Once the basics of your guest house design start coming together, you can begin making plans for what it will actually include. You will probably want to have a bedroom and full bath at least, but do you also want to have a kitchen and dining space, multiple bedrooms, or specialized gathering areas that don’t quite work in your home? Keep in mind that a guest house is both a place for your visitors and an extension of your home or use it for your own purposes if you feel so inclined.

Penny Window Makes Your Guest House Designs a Reality

Every guest house will need windows and doors, and possibly siding and gutters as well. Find everything your need to build the space of your dreams at Penny Window. We have options to suit houses of any size, and our team can show you smart ways to keep your costs low. As part of your planning process, request a free estimate.

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