Decoration Inspiration: Holiday Window Painting

holiday window painting

Holiday Window Painting – Unique, Festive, Seasonal

Use your windows to add holiday cheer to your home

The holiday season is already upon us which means one of two things – your home has been decorated for weeks, or you’re scrambling to get things put up before the big dates approach. No matter which category you fall into you will love holiday window painting. This fun and easy project gives your home and one-of-a-kind look around the holidays. Better still, it’s completely removable and a great project to do with kids who are out of school. Try it on one window and you might soon find your whole home covered. Simply follow the steps below and you’re ready to start creating decorations of your own:

Pick Your Paints – The best paint to use for holiday window painting is tempera paint. It removes easily and has a matte finish with translucent qualities. That means your designs will stand out boldly but still let some light shine through into your home. Acrylic paint is also an option but it’s a little harder to wash off. Head to any arts and crafts store and pick out seasonal colors like red, green, blue, and white (or whatever you like). Look for bottles labeled “washable” or “for kids” for the easiest removal.

Gather Your Brushes – You don’t need special brushes for this project but clean ones do help. You can also make a lot of fun designs and effects by cutting a soft, clean sponge into shapes like stars or trees.

Prepare Your Paint – If you mix a small amount of dish soap into your paint before hand it makes it easier to wash off later on. Use 1 teaspoon for soap for every ¼ cup of paint and mix thoroughly.

Check Your Windows – Your windows don’t need to be spotless before you start painting but it helps if they are not covered with grime. If they are, take some time to clean them.

Get Painting – Once you’re ready, let your imagination run wild and start transforming your home into a winter wonderland. Images like snowflakes, snowmen, Christmas trees, candy canes, and stars are all classic, but you are bound by nothing but your creativity. You can even make an entire holiday scene if you have a large enough window. Keep some rags or paper towels handy for any necessary cleaning, and a cup of water for your brushes.

Wash it Off – When you’re ready to take your art down, it’s as easy as washing it. Fill a spray bottle with water and wet the painted areas thoroughly. Have lots of paper towels on hand and a paint scraper in case you have a stubborn spot. Once the paint is moist simply wipe or scrape it off. This may take several tries.

Happy Holidays from Penny Window

We hope you have fun with this project and add that much more cheer to your home and season. To learn lots more about making windows look great, get in touch with Penny Window.

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