Useful Updates: Home Improvements to Help Boost Value

Home Improvements

DIY Home Improvement Project or Professional?

Updates to your home can cost anywhere from a few bucks to a few thousand bucks.

Knowing how and where to invest money into your home could benefit you a great deal in the long run (or short run).

If your goal is to increase the value of your home, there are projects of all sizes that can be done to help achieve this. Some tasks can be completed in a weekend, while others may require some outside help from professionals. If you are planning to take on a large project without much experience, make sure to do the proper research prior to beginning. It is best to find out beforehand if this project will be feasible to complete on your own or if it will require outside professional assistance.

Home Improvement Ideas to Increase Value

  1. Remodeling the basement. If you have a large amount of basement space that is not being put to good use, update it! Adding living space, rooms or any type of additional storage in your basement could bring about value. Making this extra space livable and useable is a great way to invest money into your home.
  2. Replacing your windows. Windows may not be the first thing that comes to mind when owners consider making changes to their house. The reality is, though, windows are a huge part of your home. They help control the energy use, they control the amount of natural light and they add curb appeal. The style/look of your windows affects the overall look of your home significantly. It changes the look of your home from the outside and inside! While getting replacement windows in your home may be a pricier update, it will be well worth the investment.
  3. Adding an office space. With the hectic lives that people live, a quiet space that allows time to focus is often longed for. Home offices give owners a place to get work done, or just a place to get away for a few moments. Whatever the use, they are very attractive to homebuyers these days. If you have a little extra space that is not being used, create an office that will provide a comfortable environment to get work accomplished.
  4. Creating additional space for storage. People can’t get enough closet space! Walk-in closets, hallway closets, coat closets, you name it, homebuyers want it. Any type of additional storage space you can create in your home is a plus. The idea of being able to store your belongings away in a space that no one else will see is always appealing.
  5. Landscaping your home. Adding beautiful landscaping to your home will definitely boost the curb appeal and value. One tip when doing so is to add plants and trees that will not be too complicated to maintain. Simply keeping the yard looking nice and manicured will enhance the overall appearance of the house.
  6. Updating your entryway. Is your front door boring? Even something as small as a fresh coat of paint can bring your home an instant uplift. If you are looking for a loftier improvement, getting a new entry door may be your next choice. Make sure if you are installing a new entrance door, that you take the time to choose a style that compliments the entire home.

Analyze What Needs Updated on Your Home Specifically

Even if you are not looking to sell your home, improvements such as these are an investment that could help your house feel more like home.

When you’re looking to increase the value of your home, prioritize what needs completed most to YOUR home. Most likely there is something about your home that you have wanted to update for a while. Analyze your investment and figure out the best way to approach the improvement that will give you the best return!

Happy updating!

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