4 Home Improvements You Can Tackle This Weekend

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Let’s face it: owning a home takes a lot of work, and daunting home improvements can be overwhelming. Instead of looking around your house at the million things you need to fix, make a list of home improvements you can accomplish in a weekend.

A Weekend of Home Improvements

With fall and imminent cooler weather approaching, it’s a good idea to focus on things you can get finished outside as well as projects that will help keep your family more comfortable in your house when it gets cold. Here are some of our home renovation tips that you can easily scratch off your list this weekend.

Prepare Windows and Doors for Winter

Windows and doors in older homes were not sealed as tightly as they are today. If you place your hand around their frames, you can often feel air leaking out. By properly sealing your windows and doors, you can save up to 20% on heating costs this winter. Many times, adding weather stripping or caulk will cut down on drafts, and this is an easy, quick fix you can do over the weekend. But if the weather stripping doesn’t seem to help or you’ve caulked over and over and still feel air leaking out, it may be time to make a call about new windows or doors.

Check Screens for Damage

As the temperature drops in the evenings, you can save a lot on energy bills by turning off your air conditioning and opening the windows. But if your screens are full of holes or aren’t installed correctly, you’ll hear mosquitos and flies buzzing around your head in no time. This weekend, check all the screens around the house, including screen doors, fixing those that are loose and making a note of the ones that need to be replaced. Then look into purchasing or ordering new screens so you can install them within the next week or so.

For more information about window screen cleaning, check out: Simple Steps to Clean Window Screens.

Tighten Outdoor Porch and Stair Rails

When snow and ice rear their ugly heads, you’ll need sturdy handles for guests to grab and lean on to avoid falling. If you want people to be able to safely come in and out of the house this winter, rickety porch rails have to go. Grab a hammer and drive in loose nails, replace missing or broken spindles and balusters, and make sure everything is nice and tight.

Clean and Examine Gutters

Climb a ladder and look at your gutters. Are they full of sticks, nests, and even leaves from last fall? Since clogged gutters are one of the major causes of ice dams, it’s really important to clean all the debris out now before the temperature gets below freezing. If you want to avoid leaves piling up in your gutters this fall and from this point forward, make an appointment to discuss having gutter guards installed. Gutter guards prevent debris from falling into gutters while still diverting water off of the roof. Finally, if you see a lot of rust around your gutters, consider making a call about having them replaced.

Don’t Stress About Home Improvements

Buying Windows & Doors eBookWe know that home renovation and improvement projects can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t know who to call for help. If you find that you may need new windows, new doors, gutters or gutter guards, call the experts at Penny Window. We can walk you through the best options to fit your budget and get your home in good shape for fall and winter.

Request a free estimate while there is still warm weather left to enjoy, and explore our free eBook to help you choose the best windows and doors for your home: The How-to Guide On Buying Windows & Doors.

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