Replacing Your Windows – A Guide To Help Homeowners Know When It’s Time

Window Replacement

Replacing your windows seems like a simple concept, but they’re evolving with the times. Today, we even have smart windows, which transform into digital screens when needed. They also use artificial intelligence to adjust the shade. We reckon this technology should be coming to houses in the future, as well.

For now, though, there’s not yet a collective need for it. Still, you should know when you should replace your windows, even if it’s not with the latest tech.

Replacing residential windows is expensive, so you should know when it’s the right time.

Keep on reading to learn how often you should do it.

When Should You Consider Replacing Your Windows?

Most professionals would agree that your windows are due for replacement every 20 years or so. However, this depends on the material. Timber windows, for example, can last over 50 years if you know how to care for them.

You have to consider some other factors, too, that will determine whether you need to replace your windows sooner or later. Rather than sticking to the general rule, you should inspect the windows yourself or find a good window company in St. Louis to assess them.

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Signs Replacing Your Windows Makes Sense

Some indications that you need your windows replaced are obvious even to the average homeowner. Check out what you need to look out for below.

1. Cracked Frame

Inspect the windowpane or frame for any cracks. Sometimes, a small crack is harmless, but if it’s major damage, then you might need to replace the whole thing.

You can try to have it repaired by calling a window repair company in St. Louis. However, some cases require a whole replacement.

Cracked window frames lower the energy efficiency of your home. It can lead to other problems, like ruined seals and such.

A simple crack can also serve as an entryway for bugs and rodents into your house. Furthermore, they can be annoying to look at, ruining the aesthetics of your property.

2. Water Damage

Wet WindowIf there are signs that water has penetrated the frame, you need a replacement ASAP. Moisture causes wooden frames to rot, affecting their stability and efficiency.

Leaving it unchecked might not only affect your bills and comfort, but it may affect the wall, as well. Over time, it can decrease the integrity of the whole structure.

Furthermore, moisture invites mold and mildew to grow. This is hazardous to your health, adding to the fact that you need a window replacement.

3. Drafts

Try closing your windows. Can you still feel the wind whistling through? If so, then they’re not functioning as they should.

You can also test using a piece of tissue paper. Hold it against the window frame and see if it quivers. You might also see the light slipping through, which is indicative of cracks and gaps.

A window in good shape should not let any air in. This could cause major issues, especially in the winter when cold air starts seeping in. It can change the overall temperature in your home, causing fluctuating temperatures.

Sometimes, all your window needs are caulking and weather stripping. However, you might need new windows when the drafts are due to major damages to the frame or window itself.

4. High Electric Bills

woman looking at billDo you have high utility bills despite lowering your electric consumption? Or do you have a sudden increase in bills without an obvious reason? Your windows might be the reason.

Of course, they might not be the reason or the sole reason for the increase. Still, it’s worth checking your windows if they’re still in good shape.

If they have cracks, they’ll be letting in cold air during the winter months, which means your HVAC system must work harder to reach a higher temperature. The same goes during summer when warm air keeps coming in.

The problem might also be the glass. Today, we have energy-efficient glass options that can help save on bills. You have to look at the U-value and the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient to see how efficient it is.

Then, see how much you’ll save by replacing your windows. You’ll most likely save more in the long run.

5. Old House

old American luxury suburbs home with blue sky

If you live in an old house, chances are you need to call a window replacement company in St. Louis. Houses built before 1978 might still have lead-based paint.

The government banned lead-based paint in 1978 due to its ill effects on health. If your windows have lead paint, they may release lead dust as you open and close them. To make sure you’re not dealing with this hazard, have your house inspected by a professional.

Old houses may come with other window issues, as well. The frame may not be sturdy anymore and might already have cracks, for example.

6. Foggy Glass

Do you notice your windows fogging up in between the panes? The seals might have worn down, causing air to leak in and out. This then increases the humidity inside.

Although there are other reasons for condensation on the windows, it shouldn’t be too frequent. If you always have fog on the glass, your windows might already be bad.

You can choose to have your windows defogged and seals fixed. However, these band-aid solutions might end up becoming more expensive in the long run.

7. Difficulty Opening and Closing the Windows

Opening and closing the windows should be easy and without obstruction. After all, you have to do this up to several times a day.

If you’re having difficulty with this simple operation, your windows already have damage. Opening and closing cause wear and tear, which creates tiny grooves in the frame. These lead to cracks over time.

You likely already need windows replacement if it comes to this point. This should help you save money, too, as this sign often comes with high electric bills.

Choose a Good Window Replacement Company

As we’ve learned, windows serve many purposes to our home and the people living in it. Make sure when replacing your windows that they’re always in top-notch shape by inspecting them once in a while.

When you want to replace your windows or want to know if they need replacing, call St. Louis’s trusted window replacement company, Penny Window.  Request a free in-home estimate and let us know how we can help.

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