Let the Sunshine In: How to Brighten Up a Dark Room

brighten up a dark room

How to Brighten a Room and Brighten Your Life

A simple solution to transform a space. Does your home have a room that always seems to be dark and dreary? Does it stay this way even on sunny days and get a lot worse on gloomy ones? Do you find yourself avoiding the space because it’s just not pleasant? There is a simple, obvious solution – new windows.

Windows of any kind, but especially large ones, transform the feel of a space simply because they let more natural light in. You may be able to achieve the same effect with lamps and overhead lighting, but the quality of lighting is just not the same, and the impact on your electric bill happens monthly.

Replacement windows are a lot harder to break so you don’t have to worry about tons of shattered glass. They are also a lot more energy efficient, keeping your valuable HVAC inside. But most of all, they brighten up space in a way that nothing else does. Just consider some of the health benefits of natural light:

Less Bacteria: The subtle heat of sunlight actually prevents bacteria from growing in your home. People used to regularly be in the practice of opening drapes and curtains in order to keep bed sheets fresh.

More Focus: If you have ever spent a long day working under a neon bulb you know how draining it can be. Natural light helps you to focus on the task at hand and avoid the feeling of being trapped inside.

Better Moods: A direct link has been established between limited exposure to sunlight and increased levels of depression. Simply letting more light in helps you to feel better about everything else.

Better Sleep: Artificial light has an effect on the brain the inhibits the onset of sleep whether that light source is too many screens or too many lamps/lights. Spend more time with sun on your skin and your overall quality of sleep will elevate.

Better Vision: You know how your eyes feel when you stare at a screen all day? You don’t get that feeling when looking at things naturally lit. Science has shown that natural lighting actually promotes eye development.

Turn Off the Lights with Penny Window

There are lots of other benefits to installing a big new window – improved property values, less fading of paint and furniture – but the increased level of sunlight is by far the most significant. If and when you’re ready to ditch the lamps and let in the sun we have lots of options suitable for almost any space. Why not start by requesting a free estimate?

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