How To Identify What The Most Common Window Repairs

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Are you wondering if your window has a pressing issue that needs to be resolved? Do you want to prepare yourself for a potential problem and how to identify it? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about which are the most common window repairs to do. Doing so can help you understand your windows better. Every window undergoes common wear and tear. It’s all about finding the right service to fix the issues when they arise.

Be sure to see below to learn more about common window problems and how to fix them. Keep these all logged in your memory for future use.

1. Cracks in Glass

This might be the most irritating of all common window issues. Not only is there an issue that needs to be resolved, but it’s also glaringly obvious to yourself and all that pass by your house.

In fact, a cracked window can also be a safety hazard. Many burglars break into windows and are more likely to if they see the window is already cracked. It means less work for them.

Not only that, but it affects the overall aesthetic of your house. Even if your window is a double or triple pane, it can trap moisture from the rain and cause mold to grow if the crack is from the outside.

Depending on the size of the crack, it can sometimes be restored. However, if the crack is a significant size, then it’s safer to replace the entire window. That way, you can ensure that the window is protecting your home to the fullest capability.

While you’re replacing the window, why not take this opportunity to look at a safer and more durable glass for your windows? Most people don’t realize that many types of glass can be used in modern windows, as well as new coatings.

2. Common Window Repairs That Can Solve An Unwelcomed Breeze

Feeling-A Chill Behind The WindowContrary to popular belief, windows are meant to protect you and your house from the outside weather. They’re meant to help you control the climate inside your house as well.

In other words: they’re only supposed to let air inside when you want them to. If you feel a draft or breeze coming from the windows of your home, there are a couple of reasons why that might be.

Most likely, your window wasn’t properly sealed. It could also have a lack of weatherstripping, which allows small spurts of air to get inside your home, as well as let your inside heat/AC seep outside of your house.

The draft could also be a sign that your windows are outdated and need to be replaced. If that’s the case, then be sure to look at more energy-efficient options that will help you save on your energy bill from month to month.

Take the time to walk around your house and inspect every window. Do you feel a temperature difference when you stand next to the window? If it’s wintertime, are you sensing a slight draft from the window? If so, then call a window service right away.

3. Defective Windows

Even the most inexperienced of homeowners can tell when a window isn’t serving its purpose correctly.

Maybe the window doesn’t close all the way. Perhaps it won’t open or won’t stay open without you sticking something underneath it. If you’re dealing with this issue, you should schedule an appointment with a window expert service.

Doing so can help you assess the condition of your window. Can it be repaired? Is the window so old that it should be replaced?

You can also look at the window’s sash support system, which is usually located on the sides of the window. If it seems to be why the window gets stuck or is slipping, you may need a service to repair it.

If you’ve been considering replacing your windows anyway, this might be a great time to do so.

4. Window Is Leaking Water

Wet WindowAs soon as you notice that water is leaking from your window, it would be best if you got the problem fixed right away. Leaving it can lead to water damage on the inside of your home.

If the problem isn’t resolved quickly, then you’re only one bad rainstorm away from mold growth, damaged floors, warping in your walls, and so forth.

A water leak doesn’t automatically mean you need to get the window replaced. It could be the flashing that’s allowing the water to get in from around the window. If so, you can add some caulk to fix the issue.

5. Wooden Window Seal Rot

Rotting is a severe matter. It’s a sign that your wooden window sills are trapping in the moisture from rain.

Granted, it’s bound to happen with age. The longer you’ve had your wooden window sill, the more likely it is to happen. If your window is still in good quality, the window sill can be replaced with the current window reinstalled.

Be sure to ask a window expert service for guidance. Would they recommend you replace the entire window, or would it be advantageous to swap out the window sill for a new one?

The Most Common Window Repair: Hire the Right Service for the Job


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