How to Make Painted Window Panes From Your Old Windows

How to Make Painted Window Panes

Painted window art is a creative way ways to reuse old windows.You’ve just replaced your windows, and now your home looks better, feels better, and costs you less to heat and cool, but what do you do with all those old windows? You could simply throw them away, but why not turn them into a fun and simple craft project? Painted window panes are striking pieces of art that look good in any space and make a great gift. And you don’t have to be a stellar artist to make painted window panes that look great.

How to Make Painted Window Panes a Fun and Stylish Craft Project

Use this guide to get started on your first painted window project.

Supplies You Will Need

Since you already have the windows the most expensive part of this project is already in your inventory. You will only need a few more inexpensive supplies:

  • Pieces of scrap paper and a pencil
  • Scissors
  • A soft cloth
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Several old sheets
  • Liquid leading
  • Paint formulated for glass painting
  • Brushes in various sizes
how to make painted window panes

Steps to Make Painted Window Panes

Perfecting your technique can take a little bit of practice, but even your failed experiments will look good in the right setting. Over time you will develop your own preferred methods, but there are a few steps that most window pane artists rely on every time:

Pick Your Paints. Your choice of paint has a big effect on the overall painting. For instance, transparent glass paint will allow light to shine through and give your image a visible glow. Acrylic glass paints, by contrast, are more opaque and tend to highlight surrounding light sources.
Create a Design. Use your scrap paper and pencil to begin exploring various designs. Many artists choose to use a piece of paper that is the same size as the window pane. When they settle on a design they cut a stencil out of their paper and use it to give the finished product a more crisp, precise look. Of course, you are welcome to free hand your painting if you prefer.
Clean the Window. Use the rubbing alcohol and soft cloth to remove any dirt or debris from the window. Before you start to paint, lay down the old sheets to serve as a drop cloth.
Outline Your Design. If you plan on using a stencil, lay it over the window and outline the edges with liquid leading. Once it is fully dry it will make it much easier to fill in the defined areas precisely. Once you start painting, use natural bristle brushes for smooth coverage or synthetic bristle brushes for more visible brushstrokes.
Apply and Dry. One coat of paint will lead to a more glossy finish while two coats will have an opaque quality. Once you’re finished painting lay the window flat to dry.

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(*Photo belongs to Panes of Art. Check out their other designs!