How to Prepare for a Storm: Is Your House Ready?

how to prepare for a storm

Important Tips on How to Prepare for a Storm

Make sure your home survives the weather without damage. There are few things more relaxing than a gentle storm. But there are few things more terrifying than a violent storm. And when the weather really starts to get bad, both you and your home are at risk.

It is not a question of if but when these storms will break out, meaning that you can’t afford to go unprepared. And the time to safeguard your home is before the weather is forecast. Learn how to prepare for a storm to avoid damage to your home and danger to your family.

Get Your Yard Ready

There is no bigger threat to your home than blowing debris and snapping tree limbs. Make sure that any limbs or dead trees close to your home are professionally trimmed, especially those that hang over the house. Keep your yard free of any unnecessary brush, and consider replacing gravel with softer shredded bark. Finally, make sure that you have indoor storage space available to quickly get patio furniture out of the yard.

Keep Your Home Exterior Tidy

If your gutters are clogged, heavy rains will settle around your foundation and cause damage, so make sure the gutters are free of leaves and sticks. Check your siding for any cracks or loose spots that could break free in heavy winds. Make sure that your windows are able to shut tightly and your doors create a tight seal. For maximum protection, consider investing in storm windows to protect your window glass.

Create Shelter Indoors

You may not have much time to react when a strong storm descends. Come up with a plan in advance, and make sure everyone you live with is aware of it. Figure out where you will wait out the storm – ideally at or below ground level in a place with no windows and nothing that could fall on you. Put together an emergency kit that includes first aid, a flashlight, a radio, food and water for each member of your family, and personal hygiene products. You will also want to create an escape plan in case your home becomes too dangerous to stay in.

Don’t Rely on a Compromised Home

Your home is only as strong as its constituent parts. If one bad window, door, gutter, or siding section fails, the violence of the storm can wreak even more havoc on your home. As you make your preparations, inspect these elements of your home carefully. Anything that is old, worn out, or otherwise defective should be replaced immediately if you want to be truly protectedBuying Windows & Doors eBook.

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