How to Thoroughly Clean Windows Inside and Out

clean windows inside and out

Easy Ways to Effectively Clean Your Windows

Clean away the grime and let the sun shine in
It’s easy to see why windows get so dirty so quickly. On the outside they are exposed to all of the elements, and on the inside they pick up dirt, fingerprints, and pet hair on a daily basis. When both sides of the window are caked with filth, it can block out sunlight and bring down the look of your home. And, unfortunately, window cleaning is no one’s favorite job and often gets put off for months, even years. Luckily there are fast, easy, and effective methods you can use to clean windows inside and out:

Outside Windows

  • Gather Your Materials – You will need a bucket, several sponges, several clean, soft towels, and the detergent of your choice. In most cases simple dish soap works fine. If you plan to tackle second story windows you will also need a ladder.
  • Prepare Your Detergent – Fill the bucket with a large quantity of warm water and a small quantity of the detergent you plan to use. Overdoing it on the detergent won’t make the job any easier.
  • Remove Window Treatments – If you have screens or anything hanging against your windows, be sure to remove them in advance. The outside windows will be easier to clean, and by cleaning the treatments too the windows will stay cleaner for longer. At the same time, knock down any cobwebs you see and remove any debris.
  • Start Cleaning – Use one sponge to first clean the window frames and then a fresh sponge to clean the window glass. Start in one corner and work your way down the glass in an s-shaped pattern. Once the glass is clean, dry the frame and glass with a dry, fresh cloth.

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Inside Windows

The method for cleaning the inside of the window is essentially the same as cleaning the outside. The only change you should make is to lay a dry towel beneath the window you’re working on to avoid getting water droplets on your floor. As an alternate method, you can also consider using rubbing alcohol rather than a chemical detergent. Place a small amount in warm water, use the mix to wash your windows, then dry with a paper towel.

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