Install Storm Windows to Protect Your Home

Install Storm Windows

Why Install Storm Windows?

Does your home need them?

If your home does not currently have storm windows, it is extremely vulnerable to the elements. The next time there is a severe storm or a strong day of wind, all it would take is one piece of debris to shatter one of your windows, creating a major disruption in your home. The simple solution is to install affordable storm windows and protect your whole house. But that’s not all they can do. Read on to learn about all the impressive ways storm windows can enhance your home.

Improve Your Home Energy Efficiency

The heated and cooled air that makes your home a comfortable place to be naturally leaks out around windows. And the harsh outside air you’re trying to avoid leaks in. A simple way to improve this barrier is to simply install storm windows.

Storm windows cost less than replacing your current windows with thermal glass, and they will help you cut down on your monthly utility bills for as long as you live in the home.  Tweet This

Protect Your Expensive WindowsInstall Storm Windows

If you have recently had your windows replaced, you know that it is a significant investment in your home. Protect that investment year in and year out: instal storm windows.

We already mentioned the risk of broken glass. But even if your windows survive the storm, the elements they are exposed to will degraded the materials over time, especially if you have wood windows. That means you will have to replace them sooner and put more money into your home. Unless you protect them with storm windows.

Upgrade the Look of Your Home

If you have old, worn out looking windows but you are not ready to replace them yet, you can spend less on storm windows and still improve the appearance of your home. Installing storm windows makes good sense.  They come in a range of tasteful colors and glass styles, making them a bold design element for you to work with. Plus, they cover up the existing windows, hiding the signs of wear and weathering. You get all the other benefits of storm windows, plus your house looks better than it did before.

Increase Your Home’s Value

There are some home improvements that contribute directly to the value of your home, and to install storm windows is one of them. Realtors and home buyers understand the benefits of storm windows, and they are willing to pay more for homes that already have them in place. Plus, when you use those storm windows to add curb appeal, you are likely to attract a buyer faster.

Penny Window has the Storm Windows You Want

When you are ready to install storm windows, work with the team at Penny Window. We have a huge selection, competitive pricing, expert design assistance, and full installation service. You are covered from beginning to end. Contact us at your convenience.

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