installing replacement windows

Take a few steps in advance to ensure that the project goes quickly and smoothly. If you have decided that installing replacement windows is something your home needs, congratulations! Your home is about to look better, be more comfortable, save your money on HVAC, and be worth more when you decide to sell. But in order to reap all these benefits sooner, you will want to make preparations in advance of installing replacement windows. 

Get Your Home Ready for Installing Replacement Windows

Here’s your go-to guide for installing replacement windows:

  • Remove Your Window Treatments: Curtains and blinds will need to be removed before the crew arrives. They get in the way of the work that needs to be done and could become damaged or dirty if left up. Now is a great opportunity to clean them.
  • Clean the Yard: Most of the window installation will happen outside the home. If your yard is cluttered with kids toys or lawn furniture, move everything out of the way. You may also need to make accommodations to protect plantings in your garden.
  • Create Space Inside: Some of the work will happen indoors. If there is furniture, tables, adjacent wall decorations or anything delicate in front of your windows, move it out of the way. You should also make sure that there is a clear path from your front or back door to the area where you’re having windows replaced.
  • Remove Security Sensors: If your home has a professional security system installed, you will need to contact the company to have them disable and remove the sensors placed on your windows. Once the work is done, make sure that the sensors are replaced.
  • Free Up Outlets: Installing replacement windows requires power tools, which means the crew will need to have access to outlets both inside and outside the home. Rather than risking something important being unplugged, free up the outlets yourself in advance.
  • Prepare for the Mess: The crew will work as carefully and cleanly as possible, but replacing windows is an unavoidably messy job. Rather than paying extra, lay down your own plastic sheeting drop cloths in your yard and over your floors. These will catch dust and debris and make clean up much quicker.
  • Find a Convenient Time: Some homeowners want to be present while the work is happening, while others would prefer to be away from the noise and mess. Think about your daily routine, and schedule the installation for the most convenient time.
  • Get Your Questions Answered: Take advantage of having window experts on site to get all your questions answered. Find out how to care for the windows, how soon you can open them, how your warranty works, and anything else you’re curious to know.

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Replacement Windows Installation is Easy with Penny Window

The professional installation team at Penny Windows is here to save you time and money on your window replacement while ensuring that the work is done according to the highest standards. We have installed thousands of windows throughout the region to the delight of countless homeowners. If you’re ready to make a major home improvement by installing replacement windows, request a free estimate today or visit the Penny Window showroom.

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