how to add curb appeal ideas

Curb Appeal Ideas that Fit Any Budget

Invest a little for a big return

Who says that you have to spend thousands of dollars getting your house ready to sell? Lots of people go overboard finding ways to give their home curb appeal when a few simple, low-cost upgrades work just as well. And since you spend less getting your house ready to sell, you get back more when it finally does. Find a free weekend and tackle a couple of projects like these:

Highlight the Door – Your front door is the focal point of your home, so it should both draw attention and look great when it does. At the very least it needs to be clean and in good shape. You can go a step further by painting it a bold color that complements the rest of your home, hanging up a decorative wreath, and hanging up classy looking house numbers.

Keep the Lawn Tidy – All this project takes is time and elbow grease. Remember – as soon as your house has a sign in the yard, it’s attracting attention from buyers. Make sure it’s not cluttered with toys, and stay on top of all your basic landscaping projects. You can really make the lawn pop by adding or restoring a flower bed and filling it with boldly-colored plants. Also, be sure to trim any trees/bushes so that you don’t obstruct sight lines to your home.

Clean the Exterior – Since you see your home everyday, you don’t notice how much dirt and debris accumulate on the outside. But buyers do. Set your garden hose on its strongest setting and literally wash of the outside of your house, or at least the front. Take care not to damage any paint or siding.

Clean the Driveway – Home buyers want to see your home, not your stuff. If you have garbage cans or bikes stowed in your driveway move them inside your garage. Do the same with your cars. Then buy a car of sealant and repair any cracks in the pavement. When someone does drive by, the only thing they will see is a show-ready home.

Wash the Windows – Dingy-looking windows make for a dingy-looking home. Take the time to wash them both inside and out, and don’t neglect the windows on the upper stories. If you have window boxes in place, fill them with plantings. If you don’t, consider making and installing your own, just be sure to strive for a clean, professional look.

Fix the Fixtures – Homes are often built with low-grade exterior light fixtures. You get used to them and stop noticing that they drag down the appearance of the home. Replacing them with something better is ideal, but you can also paint the ones already in place for a nicer look.

The Ultimate Curb Appeal Comes from Penny Window

All of the above ideas can make your home look better, but not necessarily function better. That means you might attract a buyer sooner than expected, but you won’t be able to increase the asking price significantly. But what if you could do both? With replacement doors and windows in place your home looks great, plus it’s more comfortable and more efficient. Buyers will pay a lot for an upgrade like that. To start exploring your options, request a free estimate from Penny Window!

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