Modern Vs. Traditional Doors: What’s Your Taste

Modern vs. Traditional Doors

Understanding Modern vs. Traditional Doors

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Ask someone which they prefer, modern vs. traditional doors, and they are likely to reply “Both.” It’s a feeling we fully understand. The right door in the right setting provides a highlight to any decorating scheme regardless of whether that door is ornate and traditional or sleek and modern.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to pick the style of door that reflects your personal tastes, the current look of your home, and your vision for the future of that look. In order to help you find a selection that you will love for years, we’ve put together a list of the most important criteria to consider. As you are debating modern vs. traditional doors, keep these details in mind:

Current Style

Most homes already reflect either a modern or a traditional style. There are no rules saying you have to stick with that style when you replace your doors, but it can compromise your decorating plans if you mix and match.

The good news is that there are traditional doors that offer the clean, minimal look of modern design, and modern doors that feature the flourish and ornamentation of traditional looks. If you have a keen eye for decorating and are willing to think outside the box, you may have more options to work with than you realize. Just don’t commit to any design before you fully understand how it will affect the look of your home.

HardwareModern vs. Traditional Doors

Door handles and hinges may seem like minor design elements but they have a big impact on the way the door and everything around it looks. Modern doors typically feature angular hardware made of clean metal while traditional doors often use more organic shapes and fewer metallic finishes. As you are evaluating modern vs. traditional doors, think about the type of handle you prefer, both how it looks and how it feels.

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There is the misconception that both of these door styles cost a premium price. The reality is that either option can be purchased economically. Better still, new doors built today can actually help you save money by cutting down on your heating and cooling bills. So as you are planning your redecorating project, don’t let cost concerns keep you from picking the door style you like the best.

Penny Window Offers Modern and Traditional Doors

At Penny Window we are known for the size and variety of our selection. We have modern doors, traditional doors, and everything in between. Our on-staff design experts can help you find the right option for you home, and our professional installation team will get the new door(s) installed correctly. Find out how easy and affordable an upgrade could be by contacting Penny Window.

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