3 Most Common Types of Window Frames

window frame types

Exploring Window Frame Types to Improve Your Home

Find the style to achieve the look of your dreams

What do you think the most visible part of the home is? The front door? The landscaping? The paint job? All of those grab attention, but in fact it’s the windows that impact the overall look and feel of a home the most. The shape of the windows adds a dynamic geometric element. The color of the window frames boldly complements the rest of the color pallet. And the material of the glass contrasts the stone, brick, stucco, and wood elsewhere. Windows make an impact. Learn about the 3 most common window types as you consider interesting ways to improve your home.


Vinyl windows have a lot of appealing qualities which is why they have quickly become one of the most popular window types in replacement projects:

  • Compared to other options vinyl is typically the least expensive.
  • The versatile nature of vinyl makes it possible to produce a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.
  • Vinyl has excellent insulating properties, helping you keep climate controlled air inside and harsh winter and summer air outside.
  • The material is largely impervious to the weather and will last many seasons without showing signs of wear.
  • Since vinyl is a solid material it doesn’t need to be repainted and requires little ongoing maintenance.


Vinyl and fiberglass share many of the same properties, making this another popular option when installing new windows:

  • Fiberglass does very well in the elements and will respond to temperature changes without cracking and strong storms without leaking.
  • These are considered some of the easiest windows to install.
  • You won’t have to repaint fiberglass windows, but if you choose to they hold paint very well.
  • They are strong thermal insulators helping you hold in more of your valuable HVAC.


Wood window frames have been common for ages and remain popular today. That’s because they have a lot to offer:

  • Wood frames give a striking natural look to a home. It’s possible to create designs ranging from rustic to modern.
  • When harvested sustainably this is a more environmentally friendly option than the previous two.
  • Wood is very good at insulating the home from the sounds of the outside.
  • With proper maintenance wood can last for years and can be repainted indefinitely.

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You can’t go wrong with any of these options. What is most important is finding the right shape, size, and style for your home. When you’re looking for a vast selection and expert assistance, rely on Penny Window. We can introduce you to an exciting range of options and have window types to suit any budget. Even if you’re not ready to get your project started, request a free estimate to help you start thinking about options.


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