Your Outdoor Spring Cleaning Guide for Windows and Doors

outdoor spring cleaning

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Guide

Show off your home as the spring renewal arrives. Now that spring has arrived the leaves are returning, the flowers are blooming, and the sound of singing birds is everywhere. You want to make sure your home is as beautiful as the natural surroundings, and that means doing a little bit of spring cleaning. Don’t limit this annual project to the inside of your home alone. Use this guide for quick tips for spring cleaning your windows and doors:

Start with the Garage Door

You probably don’t realize how dirty your garage door gets until you clean it for the first time. Make up a big bucket of soapy water, and wash the door just like you would wash a car. Finish with a power washer if you have one, but a regular hose will work.

Hit All the Windows

Now that the sun is shining you will want to let its rays shine in through clean windows. This can be a bit of a chore, but it makes a big difference.

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Address the Front Porch

Your front porch is both a focal point of your home and an easy place for mud and slush to collect. That means it’s probably definitely due for a cleaning. Sweep away any debris, and give the whole space a thorough rinse. Then clean your front door with the same method you used on the garage door.

Finish with the Patio Furniture

Even if you have stored your patio furniture indoors over winter you’ll want to clean it before you start using it regularly. Sweep or vacuum any padded surfaces, then wipe the furniture down with soapy water. Check out for any damage that you’ll want to fix before putting the furniture back into heavy use.

Focus on the Look of Spring

Now that your spring cleaning is done, it’s time to start inviting the sights, sounds, and scents of the season into your yard. Figure out what kind of landscaping you want to commit to and how you can use the natural features already in your yard to enhance the look of your home. Together they make one powerful impression, and a little bit of work, planning, and creativity can make your home stand out on the street.

Penny Window Knows All about Renewal

After washing your windows and doors you may notice that they still look run down and simply don’t enhance your home the way they once did. That means it’s time to start thinking about replacements. Find the service, selection, prices, and installation expertise you need at Penny Window. Get a free estimate before the spring season goes on any longer.

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