Preparing for Winter: Start with Window Insulation

Preparing for winter

As the winter winds slowly start to creep through your neighborhood, make sure you are prepared to make sure it doesn’t find its way inside your warm home. The easiest and best way to make sure that unwanted cold chill stays outdoors is proper window insulation.

Smart Window Tips to Remember When Preparing for Winter

Doing these easy “fixes” to your windows will make sure you’re more than prepared for winter’s cold blasts.

Seal your windows. No matter what else you do, make sure your windows are properly sealed. Weather stripping is inexpensive and easy to install yourself. Just make sure each of your windows is thoroughly covering any gaps where drafts can enter your house.

Cover your windows. Sealing will keep most of the cold air out, but it won’t eliminate any gaps in the window panes, any cracks that might be in the windows, or the cold air that comes off the glass. To keep that out, there is a variety of window film you can use. These coverings offer different degrees of transparency, from just letting in light to practically see through. Determine which is right for your windows, apply the film, and “shrink wrap” it with a hair dryer.

Insulated curtains and shades. If you prefer to cover your windows, these can actually offer added protection against cold air. This solution is perfect for use on windows that face out back, bathrooms, or other less “scenic” rooms of the house.

Draft stoppers. If you’re looking for something a little more decorative, DIY draft stoppers or “draft snakes” might be your choice. These stuffed pieces of fabric run the length of your window sill to make keep out drafts. They can be purchased at craft stores, or you can make them yourself. Draft snakes can become part of any room’s decor and won’t interfere with your ability to see out the window. These are a nice complement to well-sealed windows or high-quality thermal windows that are already insulated.

Penny Window to the Rescue

Some of these tasks can be a hassle to do every year and for every chilly or blazing hot season. Start preparing for winter now and consider upgrading your home with storm windows. Not only are protected from heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer, but you are also protecting your windows from the harsh elements.

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