replacing weather stripping

Learn How to Replace Weather Stripping

A simple project that costs a little and saves a lot

Weather stripping is one of your best defenses against harsh outdoor temperatures. By lining your windows and doors with this easy-to-use, low-cost material, you keep extreme air out, climate controlled air in, and stop drafts in their tracks. The only drawback is that weather stripping wears out over time a requires replacement. Luckily, the replacement process is easy, even if you don’t consider yourself handy. Learn how to replace weather stripping based on the type of stripping you use:

V Strip

This type of stripping is made of either plastic or metal that is folded into a V. One side attaches to your door jamb and the other side extends out as far as necessary to bridge any gaps. This option is common around double-hung or sliding windows and around doors. To replace it, simply cut a piece to your desired length, and then attach it with the peel and stick adhesive that is included, or with finishing nails.


Felt is a popular option because it is very inexpensive. Unfortunately, it’s also not very durable and tends to wear out after only a year or two. If yours is in need of replacement, cut a length that corresponds to the area you need to cover, and then staple or nail it into place.

Foam Tape

The gap around a window or door is often not a uniform size. Closing up these irregularities is simple with foam tape because it’s sold in a variety of widths and thicknesses and can compress or expand easily. To install it, just cut it to length, and then attach it to the door or window with the adhesive that is included.

Door Sweeps

This type of weather stripping only goes along the bottom of doors and is very effective at keeping out drafts. It also keeps bugs out and possibly pests too if there is a lot of clearance. Cut the new piece to length, and then attach it to the underside of your door with screws.

Tubular Rubber, Vinyl, or Silicone

Unlike other materials that are somewhat porous, these three provide a total barrier between the inside and the outside. The tubular rubber and vinyl varieties are usually attached to a metal mounting strip that you simply screw in. Silicone is commonly used in milled grooves that are either already a feature of your door/window or that you create with a router.

Penny Window can Help You Insulate Your Home

Replacing weather stripping is important, but even with brand new stripping in place your house is not fully sealed. That’s because older windows and doors were not designed to be effective insulators and freely allow the passage of air through more cracks and crevices than you could ever close up. In order to provide a total seal you will need to upgrade to energy-efficient windows and doors with a superior thermal rating. Let Penny Window offer you a free estimate while you consider this important home improvement.


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