Replacing Your Windows: Different Styles of Windows to Consider

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The average cost of replacing a window is $550, depending on the window replacement company you decide to use.  Windows do much more than let in light and fresh air into your home. For most homes, windows are also an aesthetic highlight that contributes to the house’s curb appeal.

However, with so many styles of windows, it can be a tad challenging picking the right one for your home. Choosing the right window style is more than just picking the prettiest one from the bunch. You also have to consider how much light and air it will let in and whether it’s a perfect fit for your particular house.

What’s more, choosing the right windows could help you reduce your heat and energy costs quite significantly, but only if you pick the right one. That said, the question remains, what window style should you choose for your home?

Keep reading as we explore the different styles of windows that you should consider for your home.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are among some of the most common windows for homes and offices across the country. Your current windows might be double-hung windows; you didn’t know that’s what you call them. Double-hung windows consist of two large frame units that enclose glass panels.

These frame units or panels can slide up and down when you need to close and open the windows. Most modern double-hung windows use springs hidden springs to move up and down. However, old-fashioned varieties use actual weights tucked away behind the case moldings.

These windows are ideal for traditional-style homes with a classic vibe. However, they’re also great for modern houses, especially bungalows and townhouses.

Casement Windows

400 series casement interior beautyIf you live in a studio apartment, there’s a high chance that it has casement windows. Casement windows mount on hinges to one side and open from the other side.

Casement windows are great for modern and minimalist homes to add a chic touch to the décor. Although not the fanciest of windows, they do a great job of letting in the breeze. However, you’ll have to get the positioning right before you can feel the wind on your skin.

One major downside of casement windows is that they break when exposed to strong winds. So, if you live in an area prone to strong winds, then casement windows may not be the best choice for you. You can permanently settle for slider windows instead.

Slider Windows

Slider windows consist of two large glass panes enclosed in frames that slide horizontally past each other. The windows have tracks on the top and bottom that facilitate the sliding movement.

There are two main types of slider windows. One where only one sash slides while the other remains stationary. The other type is slider windows, where both sashes can slide past each other. They are very common with mid-century homes of the 50s and 60s era.

You should settle for slider windows if you constantly have to open and close your windows. They will save you the hassle of having to crank the windows open and slamming them shut every now and then. However, these windows tend to lean more to the old-fashioned than the modern style.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are quite simply that, fixed. Unlike other types of windows, you can’t open or close fixed windows. They consist of framed glass panes with no mechanism for opening or closing the windows. These windows serve a more aesthetic than a functional purpose, but they are great for natural light.

One significant advantage of fixed windows is that they are very energy-efficient. That’s because they are sealed off completely. They are also much cheaper than most other styles of windows and have a simple look that appeals to many homeowners.

Awning Windows

400 series awning interior beautyThis style window opens from the bottom and pushes outward. Awning windows are like picture window that is vented. This window style’s applications work best when placed close to the ceiling, allowing rising heat to escape.  Awning windows do not compromise the security of your home. The way it works, the window creates a type of roof for the window. When the weather is a factor, its open position allows for ventilation.

The best thing about awning windows is how versatile they are. Awning windows come in a wide variety of styles that can be installed in a multitude of spaces and are energy efficient.

Picture Windows

e series picture interiorPicture windows are huge fixed windows that allow maximum light into a room. They are ideal for living rooms with beautiful views or just about anywhere in your home that has views that you would like to frame. Also hotel rooms, restaurants, or any place looking out to stunning views. They are suitable for residential or business areas because everyone loves a window with a great view. Security concerns do have to be taken into account because of the size of the window but plenty of options are available to all seeking this style.

Various Styles of Windows for Your Consideration

With so many styles of windows at your disposal, picking one for your home or business premises should be a breeze. However, make sure you choose one that achieves its intended purpose. Don’t focus too much on looks and forget about the functional aspect of having windows.

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