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roderick white
03:35 03 Jun 20
gr8 staff. very helpful in helping me solve my Window problem
Aaron Aubuchon
13:48 23 Feb 20
Great ppl and when in a pinch you can count on them to have something that will fit with a little mod
Jim Schmidt
03:29 15 Feb 20
Tanya was remarkably patient with me, making the process go smoothly.This building now looks brand-new, but it's 60 years old.
Karriem Muhammad
22:06 13 Feb 20
Great service, prices and selection of new construction and replacement windows and doors.
Libby Harrison
19:25 21 Nov 19
They fixed our windows after damage from a nearby explosion. Did a great job, friendly and reasonable price!
Chloe Lin
07:41 18 Nov 19
Store don't have enough parts what I need it , and it's more expensive. He helps me search the cheapest on the Internet.Thank you very much for your EXCELLENT! TREMENDOUS! BRILLIANT! SERVICE!!!
Mike Wilkerson
20:46 06 Nov 19
These guys are great, they put all the windows in my St Peters home including a large custom piece upstairs. Recently I had a window broken out at my business. Chuck and his team expedited the repair. Thanks guys. The Wilkerson's
Demont Jones
14:05 17 Oct 19
Very good people and great material
Jerry Myers
21:21 07 Oct 19
Where there when they said they would be. Where fast, clean, and efficient. New replacement double window looks great. Works wonderfully. Totally satisfied.
Cynthia Miller
18:38 27 Sep 19
Low prices. Have all sizes in Windows
Nancy Steinmeyer
01:06 28 Jul 19
Awesome workers and very professional. I had them for my windows and siding. I would recommend them for windows and siding.
Nancy Steinmeyer
01:06 28 Jul 19
Awesome workers and very professional. I had them for my windows and siding. I would recommend them for windows and siding.
Elegant Designz
12:08 09 Jun 19
Friendly staff with affordable prices.
Mike Moore
15:36 11 May 19
Great products, convenient location,store hours and knowledgeable staff
Jason LiCavoli
20:20 14 Apr 19
Great peices and selection!
Rudy Lovelace
18:13 11 Mar 19
I went in to purchase part for my window and even though it was a part they dont carry, the sales person didn't try to up charge, he just told me where I could purchase online and save $30. That's service you don't get everywhere. I wish I was buying 300 windows just to do business with these guys.
Paul Johnson
04:23 22 Jan 19
Old school window dealer. My 1st stop for repairs are new. They install as well
02:01 14 Dec 18
They're ready🍻 when you've paid😁👌. So be ready👈
VictoryStar Twirlers
03:38 28 Nov 18
I had an excellent experience with this company! I needed screens replaced on my condo windows. The gentleman who came to do the job was very courteous and the price was right! I would definitely do business with this company again!
Jeff M
15:06 25 Oct 18
A great group of people I've dealt with this company for years!!!
Paul Johnson
12:34 13 Sep 18
A large assortment of windows new and used. They install what the sell. Check them out.
adoria lacey
15:46 23 Aug 18
First time using them, and found them to be very professional. Needed to replace broken glasses on security door....looked excellent! Plus had my grandbaby with me...they graciously carried frame to car and put in my car. It was truly helpful to me!!! Thanks for the great customer service ?
Jessica Green
01:05 30 Jul 18
Had windows put in in 2016. Great job
James Newsome
16:30 22 Jul 18
They're ready🍻 when you've paid😁👌. So be ready👈
Christine Jones
22:02 02 Jun 18
Just got some windows put in very please with the service they presented. Very honest, caring business.
Faye Marshall
18:52 14 Apr 18
Great service I recommend them very professional, friendly, knowledgeable and fast. Looking forward to them replacing a few more windows in my home.??
Brian Woods
16:47 25 Feb 18
Great service and prices. Slack in offering delivery and located in a rough area
Bill K
02:33 10 Nov 16
I just had the windows in my home replaced. I couldn't be more pleased. The work was beautiful. The installer left my home and yard spotless. Yes, I paid 1/2 up front--but it was worth it. I paid $1,200 LESS than what two other companies wanted to charge me for the same quality windows. Further, Penny Window did it in 3 weeks time instead of the 4 to 6 weeks the other companies promised.
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Window Reviews

We just love our new Penny Windows. The air is not leaking in anymore, and I did notice that the cars outside don’t seem to be as loud as before the new windows were installed. I was able to clean them from the inside now due to being able to tilt the new windows into the house. Ms. Petty of St Charles, MO

I have worked with Penny Window for over 10 years. We purchase close to 400 prime windows per year from Penny Window. They stock many sizes. Way more than the big-box stores. We like the service and knowledge they supply to us. We needed a special Egress window for a project we were working on. They went above and beyond to get the information to us, and when we ordered it, it came in within 2 weeks. Their knowledge made it happen for us. Joe of St Louis, MO.

Penny Window just finished installing my new windows, they are beautiful and better looking than all the neighbors windows, I had many different window configurations than most normal window jobs (hexagon, double hung, slider, garden and picture window) many companies didn’t want to bid my project due in part to the complexity of the configurations. Penny Window did and came up with some great ideas to replace our existing windows. We are more than happy with our new windows. Thanks again Penny window. Mr, Pappert, O’Fallon, MO.

I wanted to write to Penny Window to thank them for working with me on my project. We really wanted new thermal windows installed in our home but after many estimates we found we could not afford them. When Penny window came by to give us an estimate they gave us an option for putting storm windows over our wood single pane windows. After talking to them on the benefits of storm windows vs. thermal windows we decided to go with the storm windows. They installed the storms in one day and the cost was very reasonable. We noticed the energy cost dropped on our heating bill and the noise levels had dropped from the cars driving up and down the street. We appreciate Penny Windows time and efforts to help us with our concerns. Mr. Saunders of Overland, MO

I had Penny Window replace the windows in my home in 2008. We needed windows very badly at the time. We had a terrible time with air leakage, glass frosting up and water dripping on the sills of the windows. The Penny Window salesperson came out and walked us through the different types of glass that were available and explained the benefits of the Low-E coatings on the Glass. We purchased the 270 Low-E squared with Argon fill. This combination completely eliminated the glass from frosting up in the winter and the dripping on the sills when the frost melted as the glass warmed up. We noticed our gas bill had decreased approximately 15% after the installation of our new windows. The new windows also eliminated the air leakage at the seams of the windows also the outside noise was reduced. We thank Penny Window for helping us solve our window dilemma and help save on our energy costs. Mr. O’Conner of O’Fallon, Ill.

I was in need of a couple of Jalousie glass panels. No one in the St. Louis area carried this part to repair my windows. Penny Window actually had them in stock. After I got home with the panels, I realized I wasn’t able to do the repair myself, so I called Penny Window, and they were able to have someone out that afternoon. They went above and beyond to help with my repair. I now use Penny Window for all my repair needs. Mr. Alexander of Afton, MO

Door Reviews

I just love my new Front Door. Penny Window came out and showed so many options to choose from, it took me 3 weeks to decide which style I wanted. When my door came in, they installed it in 4 hours; they cleaned up, gave me my warranty paperwork, and showed me how to operate the new keyless lock. Which I really love – no more digging for my keys in my purse, just press in my code and I’m in quick. Also, the buttons light up at night to see the numbers. Thanks Penny Window!! Ms. Williams of St. Charles, MO

Penny Window supplied and installed our new sliding patio door and we couldn’t be happier with the installers and the product. We had an aluminum door that stuck, bounced and scraped the bottom channel for 4 years before we got off our cans and called around for estimates. We found one at the local big box home improvement store for a great price. We had the door unit delivered to our house and waited to get an estimate to install it. When they arrived to give us the estimate we noticed they were sub contractors and we didn’t feel comfortable with them. We called around to see if someone could just do the install and most companies didn’t even want to touch the job. We called Penny Window and they sent a salesman out to discuss the situation. After about an hour of going over the door unit and installation we decided to take the door back to the home improvement store and ordered a special door unit from Penny Window. The unit we purchased at the local home improvement store just didn’t compare to the unit Penny Window supplied. Much heavier frame, thicker glass units and we even got mini blinds between the glass which the boss really loves…Thanks again Penny Window. We now understand why the price of the door was so cheap at the home improvement store. We now call Penny Window for all of our Home Improvement needs. Mr. Huff of St. Peters, MO.

Siding Reviews

Thank You Penny Window. My home is now the home I have always dreamed of. Penny completed my siding on my home in September 2011, and WOW does it look great! I had mold growing on one side of my house that I could never completely remove. It just kept coming back due to little sunlight on that side of the house. After having Penny Window pull the old siding off and install new insulated siding with a built-in mold-resistant vinyl, we haven’t seen any of the unsightly mold on the house. Thank You Penny Window!!! I can’t wait to do my windows next!  Ms. Warton of Ferguson, MO

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