Rustic Home Decor That’s Perfect For Fall

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Create That Perfect Fall Look with These Rustic Home Decor Ideas

When the fall season finally comes around that means the temperatures are falling, the leaves are changing color, and homeowners everywhere are looking for ideas on how to achieve that colorful and festive Fall look. The good news is you don’t actually have to live in a farmhouse next to acres of harvested crops to achieve this look. Follow these rustic home decor ideas to transform your St. Louis suburban house or city flat into something perfect for the crisp autumn season.

Use Your Gourd(s)

Nothing says Fall like hollowed out gourds. Pumpkins are the gourd-de-jour, but any gourd will do. Dried zucchinis hanging in bunches make a nice Fall arrangement, and squashes of all sizes are perfect for decorating and hand-painting. These can be placed all over the house and are useable inside and out. Hang a bunch of zucchini in a window or outside your front door. Painted squashes can be great table-top decorations or for lining a window sill.

Of course, carving the pumpkin is the traditional gourd-based decoration. The whole family can participate, letting each personality shine through (literally!) the carved-out design.

Get Corny

Of course, Fall is harvest time. Dried corn stalks, husks of “Indian” corn and other harvest items (including farm implements) present a perfect Fall picture. Bundled corn stalks are great “framing” pieces for a front porch scene. The corn itself can be laid out in the husk on tables or in a wreath, or the bright multi-colored kernels can be removed and placed in a decorative jar either by themselves or surrounding a Fall-colored scented candle.

Turn Over an Old Leaf

The singular defining Fall item has to be autumn leaves. Tourists flock to New England and the Appalachian mountains every Fall to get a glimpse of this natural tapestry. You can incorporate these rich hues in your home as well.

If you’re in an area of the country where the leaves change, don’t let your leaf raking go to waste. Autumn leaves can be woven into a beautiful wreath to decorate a front door or window. They can also serve as nice accents for Fall floral arrangements. The deep browns of the leaves provide the perfect contrast to the oranges, yellows, and greens in Fall flowers.

Keep Fall Decor Simple and Easy

Any one of these simple rustic home decor ideas can provide that ideal Fall look you’re looking for and make your home more festive for the season. Combined, they can virtually remake the interior and exterior decor of your home. Inside, these creations provide accent and color for tables, mantels and window sills. Outside, you can turn your deck, front porch, and window treatments into something any pioneer family would be proud to call home.

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