Siding Options: Factors to Consider When Selecting Vinyl Siding

siding options

Which is the Best Siding for My Home?

A little bit of research leads to a lot of home improvement.  Installing vinyl siding is a great way to upgrade the look and value of your home while making it more energy efficient and easier to maintain at the same time. But you will quickly notice that there are lots of vinyl siding options on the market, and comparing one against another can be a real challenge.

As you consider brands and styles, keep these important factors in mind:


Siding is available in lots of different colors, designs, and styles. And since siding covers so much of your home, it has a huge impact on the overall look of your property. Before settling on selection, consider how it will complement your roof, the style of your home, and the landscaping around it. Make sure it suits your tastes but keep the tastes of potential buyers in mind as well.


In general, all vinyl siding is highly durable and built for long-lasting performance. But some styles are stronger than others. This is important to consider if you plan on staying in your home indefinitely. Consider, too, that the thicker and stronger your siding is, the better it will insulate your home and cut down on your energy bills.


The best home improvements require little to no input from you once the project has been completed. Properties engineered into different types of vinyl siding impact how easy they are to maintain. Some options will fade less from exposure to UV radiation and can be easily cleaned with a hose and bucket of soapy water. Others will require more to continue looking and functioning like new.


Different manufacturers back their siding products with different warranty offers. Read the terms carefully, and pay close attention to how incidental and everyday wear is covered and whether installation costs are reimbursed. Also, find out if the installer offers a warranty or guarantee and whether or not any applicable warranties transfer to a new owner.


All vinyl siding will make your home more energy efficient, but some options create a better thermal barrier than others. Discuss these properties with your siding supplier/installer, and be sure to consider the climate conditions where you live. In conjunction with energy-efficient windows and doors, you can slash your monthly gas and electric bills and save money for as long as you live in your home.


Your Best Option is at Penny Window

Knowing what to look for is a great way to identify the best siding option. An even better way is to enlist the help of a siding expert. They can draw on their experience and know-how to give you a professional perspective on siding. The option you finally choose is sure to be the best one for your home and budget. If you’re curious about costs, request a no-obligation completely free estimate today.

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