Sliding Glass Doors vs. French Doors: Investing in the Best

Sliding Glass Doors vs French Doors - Penny Window

Replacement doors are an easy and economical way to upgrade your home. But in order to get the most out of this home improvement project, it’s worth it to think about getting different doors, not just new ones. In many cases, switching out one type of door for another delivers more benefits for an identical cost.

Choosing Sliding Glass Doors vs. French Doors to Upgrade Your Home

We point this out because a number of our satisfied customers have chosen to swap out old sliding glass doors for new French doors. Here are a few of the reasons why:

Sliding Glass Doors Are Simple but a Potential Safety Hazard

Sliding Glass Doors vs. French Doors

Since sliding glass doors are only held in place by thin tracks and rollers, they can be pried off using common tools. In fact, the majority of burglars target sliding glass doors rather than the front door to gain easy entry. Today, there are many security options to prevent yourself from this vulnerability. French doors are known have a stronger locking mechanism, sturdier construction, and thicker glass. Rather than leaving your home vulnerable, they are sought after to make your home safer.

Rarely designed for looks, but rather for limited space alternative, sliding glass doors can wear out much faster than the timeless look of French doors. Our wide selection of French doors can be used to complement and enhance your existing design scheme. They keep their appearance for longer, and they enliven the home while improving the atmosphere throughout.

French Doors Upgrades Your Space with Energy Efficient Perks

If you have a sliding glass door installed in a six-foot opening, you will only be able to open the door to a width of three feet. That is just the nature of this type of door. Plus, tracks and rollers wear out and malfunction easily, and often collect debris. In lots of frustrating ways, these doors are hard to work with. French doors installed across that same 6-foot opening could be opened to a width of almost a full six feet, giving you maximum utility when you need it. And since this door design relies on sturdy hinges, French doors function for longer.

Sliding Glass Doors vs. French Doors

Newer french doors are built with an advanced type of glass that is renowned for its thermal insulating properties. Simply put, more of the air that you pay good money to heat and cool stays inside where you want it. Once sliding glass doors begin to age they often let climate controlled air bleed out of our home and harsh outside temperatures bleed in. That raises your monthly utility bills while making your home less comfortable. But this can often be prevented by updating the barrier around the doors; make sure to inspect your door’s insulation for the normal weather wear and tear.

Penny Window Has the Right Door for You

As you can tell, we are big fans of French doors, but we are fans of doors generally, and we carry a huge selection of sliding glass doors, too. No matter what kind of door improvement you’re looking for, our team of experts at Penny Window is here to make it easy and affordable for you. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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