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St. Louis is home to over 300,000 people and 69.1% of them are homeowners. That means that more than 207,000 people have had the window conversation. So are you ready to find a St Louis window replacement company? There’s no such thing as owning a home without confronting your windows. The good news is, while some home upgrades nag, brand new windows excite.

If you’ve questioned if it’s time for new windows, the answer is most likely, yes. If you’ve even googled St. Louis window replacement company, we’ll spare you the rabbit hole.

Here’s what you need to know about new window installations.

We Know St Louis Homes

Researching St. Louis window replacement company shows you’re a smart homeowner. Local companies are convenient. More so, local window companies that know the local climate of the city.

While there are cookie-cutter windows out there, the best company accounts for our cities climate. We all know that St. Louis has four seasons and so first and foremost, your windows should be built to withstand them all. That means installing windows that endure:

  • 113 rainy days
  • 15 snow days with 6 inches of snow at a time
  • Temperatures below 23°F
  • Temperatures above 90°F

St. Louis windows must be versatile, durable, and beautiful. That’s not something you can Google.

Window wear and tear comes from St. Louis-like climates that have all forms of weather. The constant fluctuation from hot to cold and wet to dry makes the need for quality windows that much greater.

Window Replacement Checklist

Window Check ListWindows are like dominoes. While it’s tempting to repair before replacing, one window issue shows where others are failing.

If you’ve experienced the following window symptoms, it’s time for an upgrade.

  • Broken or leaking seals
  • Condensation between panes
  • Cracked or broken glass
  • Seasonal energy bill surges
  • Difficulty opening and closing
  • No noise reduction
  • Security concerns involving faulty latches
  • Rotting frames
  • Mismatched, outdated, or worn aesthetic

Windows have many ways of getting a homeowner’s attention. Whether you’re fueled by beauty or function, Penny Window premiere St Louis Window Replacement Company since 1953.

Proper window installation can give you the following things.

  • Increased comfort in the home
  • Sound reduction
  • Improved security
  • Beautification
  • Improved resale value
  • Lowered energy bills

Homeowners don’t realize the impact of weak windows until replacing them. A feeling of home returns—one filled with privacy, shelter, and safety.

Penny Window’s Technology

Energy Star LogoWindows are their own technology. While it’s easy to think that new windows equal a new life, there’s one caveat.

You need the right windows. To prevent your new windows from having the same old issues, consider their technology. Strong windows and their companies have:

  1. Diverse—and preferably custom—styles, options, and colors
  2. Long-lasting warranty on the window and installation
  3. Energy star ratings
  4. Low-E, or low-emissivity gas
  5. A solid rating with the Better Business Bureau

Understanding your window’s technology makes for sustainable choices. It’s helpful to identify the traits that create quality windows.

Being an active part of the window replacement process makes for smart homeowning.

At Penny Window is unrivaled as the Best St Louis window replacement company and we are there every step of the way.

Window Installation

You may be thinking it’s impossible to get everything you want without breaking the bank. Most people don’t expect window replacements to be easy, but with the right company, it is.

Penny Window’s name reflects our mission: to offer the best quality products and services for affordable prices. Having the right windows with the wrong company makes for a bad experience. We make sure our expertise translates so that we leave with a strong lasting impression.

Warranties don’t only apply to windows, but the installation as well. They reveal company character. To avoid replacing windows from poor installations, make sure your new windows are done right the first time.

Window Design

sliding windows

Replacement Windows Upgrade Your Home With Comfort and Security

Now knowing what window traits to look for, you can have fun with the design! Before you pick your interior and exterior colors, you’ll have to choose the type of window.

Depending on your windows’ location in the home, you’ll have the following options.

  • Bay and bow windows
  • Awning and casement windows
  • Basement hopper windows
  • Picture and garden windows
  • Single and double-hung windows
  • Double or triple-pane windows
  • Skylights

It’s easy to think that new windows mean having to replace it with the same kind of window. If you’ve been in the home a while, you know window replacements can get creative. Depending on your budget and vision, maybe your picture window becomes a bay!

Window Considerations

Window replacements come down to a formula. It’s easy to get lost in the specifics, so having a general map of considerations is helpful. Here are some things your HGTV brainstorming marathon won’t tell you.

Getting brand new windows boils down to the following things.

  • Your timeline in the home
    • Are you replacing to resell, to beautify, or for function?
    • Are you just moving in or on your way out?
  • Your stance as a homeowner
    • Is this the home’s first window replacement? Was anything replaced before you moved in?
  • Your budget
    • Might you do the work in stages? What’s your—and the home’s—priority?
  • Window technology
    • What’s the right type of window is best for the home? For the climate? For you?

Laying out a general map of priorities makes room for specifics. The more information you have, the better. The best upgrades stem from two things: the product and your relationship to it.

While it’s easy to feel all windows are the same, homeowners are not. That’s why a custom window consultation’s the way for us to meet you where you are.

Save with Penny Window

First impressions are indeed everything. Windows are among the first thing people see on a home. You deserve better than old, damaged, and worn windows.

You were right to google St. Louis window replacement company. Working with Penny Window means not having to do that again. As a family-run business, we don’t take lightly the responsibility of making your house feel like home.

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