Installing Storm Doors

Your front door is the gateway for you, your friends, and your family members to walk in and feel at home. No matter what kind of front door that you have, you might be considering whether or not you need something else to add on to it. Storm doors can be a tremendous option to protect your house’s doors, as well as several other benefits.

They serve an incredible purpose but are also easy on the eyes. Here are the several benefits of installing storm doors for your house. Consider all of these perks as you make your decision from one to the next.

1. Natural Lighting

Seriously… is there anything better than peeling back the curtains and letting as much natural lighting fill your house as possible? Of course not!

In fact, not only is it a great look for the inside of your home, but there are also several health benefits of natural light.

If you don’t have a storm door, then you only have one of two options available: you can keep the front door wide open or keep it shut. The former is a security hazard and the latter will shut out all-natural light from coming inside.

With a storm door, you’ll be able to open up your front door and still have a layer of protection while you let the sunlight inside.

2. More Protection for Your Front Door

Your front door is an important piece to the house, and it undergoes a lot of different things throughout each year.

It embraces the harsh elements in winter and summer. Takes rain, sleet, snow, and sunshine head-on. Gets opened and closed thousands of times. Needless to say, it has a lot of wear and tear.

With a storm door, you’ll be able to protect it from harsh conditions as well as things such as flying debris that can mess up your beautiful new front door paint job.

Not to mention things such as a poorly-thrown baseball or football that completely misses its target and hits your door instead. Without a storm door, that ball is probably going straight through the tiny window on your front door.

The next time you’re getting prepared for a storm, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

3. More Air Circulation In Your Home

Spring is just around the corner, and with that comes the fresh air that you’ve waited all winter to breathe in. Your house can also benefit from letting clean air in and out of the house.

If your storm door has some ventilation in its screen, you’ll be able to let that breeze in without compromising the safety of your home.

Plus, who doesn’t like to take in the smell of rain during a storm? Obviously, you’ll want to stay inside to keep dry. But with a storm door, you can inhale and exhale all the fresh air that your heart desires.

Even better, you’ll have fresh air in your house without the pesky bugs flying inside, thanks to the screen window of your storm door.

4. Lower Your Energy Bills

Did you know that your front door does a horrible job of keeping the temperature outside from coming in? No matter how thick a door you have, it will still be a dilemma.

That can take a serious toll on your heating bill in the wintertime or your air conditioning bill in the summertime. Your HVAC system is having to run endlessly from the beginning of the season to the end in order to make sure you’re comfortable.

If you’re not careful, that can lead to some hefty expenses by way of HVAC system repairs or replacements. Not fun at all.

Instead, place a storm door on the outside to provide an extra layer of insulation for your home. It can assist the front door in keeping all the heating/air-conditioning inside.

You’ll be happier with your monthly statements as a result. Your storm door will be the financial x-factor you’ve been searching for.

5. Open for Business

Having a storm door is also a tremendous asset for any family or friend parties that you might have at your household. It shows people that they’re welcomed in at any time.

Because you have a storm door, you’ll be able to keep your front door open until you go to bed at night or leave the house.

Your friends and family will be able to see inside the glass storm door and will feel as if they can walk inside to join the party.

A nice side benefit is that this will save you several trips up to the front door to open it for guests. Fingers crossed that it keeps the dog from barking as much as well!

6. More Safety and Security

What’s the only thing safer than one front door lock? Two front door locks that are both different.

When you install a storm door, you’re placing more security on your home and everyone inside. It can give you peace of mind at night or when you’re away, knowing that both doors are locked and require a different key to get in.

Even if someone were to get inside your storm door, they would be noticed by you or a neighbor and not have time to try unlocking the second door as well.

Installing Storm Doors: More Comfort for Your Home!

Now that you’ve seen all the benefits of installing storm doors on your house, it’s time to find the right fit for your place of residence.

Spring is right around the corner, so be sure to read this article on proper spring cleaning for windows and doors.

For more inquiries, please feel free to request a free estimate and we’ll be happy to assist you further!


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