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Everything You Need to Know About Glazing a Window

Learn how to replace your windows the best way

Is your home cold in the winter and hot in the summer? Do you pay outrageous gas and electric bills trying to keep your home comfortable? Has a draft made a room in your home hard to inhabit? If so, the problem is likely your windows, and it likely has to do with window glazing.

The term window glazing might sound unfamiliar, but it simply refers to the glass part of the window. Each element of the window affects its overall performance, but the glass is especially important for obvious reasons. As you look for the right home improvement, consider the different kinds of window glazing available on the market today:

Single-Pane Window Glazing

All windows used to be single pane, but they are relatively rare these days. That’s because they create the thinnest, weakest possible barrier between the inside and outside of the home. As a result, they let in harsh temperatures, suck out your HVAC, and let drafts blow freely. Some homeowners still prefer them because of their traditional look, but they should otherwise be avoided because they lack adequate window glazing.

Double-Pane Window Glazing

Most replacement windows sold today utilize double-pane window glazing – sometimes also called insulated glass. In this configuration, a layer of inert gas is sandwiched between two panes of glass. Gas is a poor thermal conductor, making it harder for air to transfer between the inside and outside. Once an effective barrier is in place, it eliminates the need for storm windows.

Triple-Pane Window Glazing

Triple-Pane window glazing works on the same principle as double-pane but merely adds another layer of gas and glass. As a result, these windows are even better at insulating your home. They are also great at blocking out noises, making them popular for homes close to highways and airports. The only drawback is that three layers of glass require an exceptionally thick and potentially expensive sash.

Low E and Heat Mirror Window Glazing

The newest advances in window designs make use of coatings to replicate the benefits of multiple panes of glass. These coatings can be tailored to either let the sun’s rays in (cold areas) or to block them out (hot areas). Either way, you get a firm barrier surrounding your home. Research has shown that these coatings can reduce energy expenditures by up to 25% over insulated glass alone. Plus, since these coatings filter out damaging UV radiation, your furniture, rugs, and walls experience less fading over time. The cost of these coatings is minimal, but the benefits are significant.

Penny Window – Making Window Glazing Easy on You

Within each category of window glazing, there are lots of sizes and styles to choose from, all at a range of price points. That means you don’t have to settle for an option that doesn’t work ideally for you and your home. When you’re ready to make a whole-home upgrade overnight, contact the window suppliers and installers at Penny Window.

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