Why and When to Replace Your Windows

replace windows

Use Energy Wisely.

Over time, windows simply get old.

This gives your home a run down look and feel. Plus, by sticking with older windows you miss out on all the recent improvements in window materials and design.

The challenge is picking the right moment to replace your windows. As long as the glass is not broken, it’s easy to just stick with what you have. We’ve come up with a couple scenarios to help you pick the best time to seek out replacement windows.

When You Are Selling Your Home

If you are trying to attract a buyer and get the highest asking price, your home needs to have curb appeal. Replacement windows are an instant and affordable upgrade to the look of your home. This one home improvement project makes the entire structure look clean, current, and cared for.

When Your Utility Bills Are Too Highreplace windows

Huge amounts of the air you pay good money to heat and cool is lost out of poorly insulated windows. And more of the harsh outside air you are trying to avoid gets into your home. When you replace your windows you create a stronger thermal barrier between the inside and the outside. That helps you save big on gas and electric each month.

When You Update the Inside of Your Home

Natural sunlight looks beautiful inside your home. Unfortunately, the UV radiation that it contains fades your upholstered furniture, paint, carpet, and rugs. If you have just bought an expensive new sofa or repainted your living room, you can keep it looking great for longer if you replace your windows. Modern glass is able to filter out almost 100% of the damaging radiation.

When Your Home is Uncomfortable

Windows have a huge effect on the atmosphere inside your home. Windows that let in a draft make rooms cold in the winter, and windows that can’t open make rooms stuffy in the summer. Some windows block out sunlight, giving rooms a dark, drab feel. Finally, older windows that require a lot of cleaning force you to spend more time on home maintenance. When you replace your windows all these problems disappear. Your home becomes more comfortable throughout.  Managing your energy use by replacing old, drafty windows is the smart thing to do.

Let Penny Window Replace Your Windows

If you are facing any of the situations mentioned above, now is a great time to replace your windows. And even if you are not, new windows give a big lift to your home that simply makes it a nicer place to live. When you are ready to explore your options for replacement windows, work with a team that is known for price, selection, and service. Contact Penny Window today!

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