There Are Many Types of Glass That Can Be Used With Today’s Windows

Clear, Low-E, Frosted glass are among the most common used in today’s windows.

Window GlassEnergy savings is the biggest concern when looking at today’s glass for doors and windows. Low-E coatings are generally used in most homes window. They will have a slight tint to the glass, but the energy benefits will outweigh the slightly lower visibility.

The Low-E coatings will help to eliminate the Sun’s ultra violet rays that will damage the carpet, furniture and drapes in your home. Low-E coatings will add a resistance to energy-transfer through the glass on the windows.

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Top Benefits of Window Glass from Penny Window

We offer many types of glass and services to help you keep your home energy efficient.

With Penny Window, you can be sure, follow up will be taken seriously, warranties will be honored and the job will be completed in a timely manner.

We also offer the MGM 5-year glass breakage warranty on the MGM 4600 series window.

Penny Window offers you peace of mind when you contract with us:

  • Highest quality glass available
  • We offer many glass options-Clear, Obscured
  • Many glass Styles and Grid Patterns
  • We have multiple thicknesses of flat glass in stock for minimum wait times on repairs.  (SS 3/32”, DS 1/8”, 3/16” AND ¼”)
  • Insulated Glass – 7 business days lead time

There Are Many Glass Types Available For Your Window Needs

Penny Window offers clear, tinted, energy saving Low E squared and Low E cubed glass.

Other types can be custom-ordered per your request if the mentioned glass types aren’t listed.

Clear glass is the most popular glass used today. Tinted glass offers a slight shading ability, reducing the sunlight that shines through the window. Another option is Low E squared or Low E Cubed coating, which is applied to the glass to reduce UV rays.

UV rays will dry and fade drapes, blinds and carpets that are in the shine zone of the Sun. In addition, Low E coatings will slow the energy transfer through the glass unit, thus improving the energy savings in your home.

Trust Penny Window For Your Glass Window Needs

Lower your energy costs by eliminating damaging ultra violet rays.

With improved solar and thermal performance, Low-E glass windows minimizes the amount of light that can pass through glass without compromising the visible light that is passed through.

When it comes to fulfilling your glass window needs, trust the window experts at Penny Window to steer you in the right direction.

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