Window Repair Company – Choosing The Right One In St. Louis

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Replacement windows can be expensive. Determining if you need a replacement or repair is important. Finding the right window repair company is critical. Even if one of your windows is damaged, you shouldn’t wait to make repairs as your energy bill might suffer for it. Meanwhile, it could unintentionally leave your home vulnerable to a potential thief.

Instead of trying to patch up your windows, consider hiring a professional window repair company. They can make sure your windows are better than new! Their tools and expertise could also help you save valuable time and money.

Not sure where to find a window repair professional in St. Louis? Keep reading for help with your search. With these seven tips, you can find the best company for the job.

Start repairing your windows with this guide to finding the best pros around!

1. Look for Long-Running Businesses

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When searching for a window repair company, the first thing to prioritize is experience and expertise. Make sure to look for a long-running business. Their contractors should have the know-how necessary to answer all your questions.

How long have the owners worked in the industry? How many years has their window repair business operated in St. Louis?

A long-running business has likely outlasted the competition in the area. To outlast competitors, they’ve likely won the respect of locals in the area.

A business that’s operated over the years has also worked out the kinks in their operations. If you choose a new company, on the other hand, they might not operate smoothly. There’s a chance they could make costly mistakes you could otherwise avoid.

Ask about the repair company’s process. After they assess the damage, what steps will they follow? Learning about their process can tell you a lot about their efficiency.

How long will it take them to make repairs? Does their timeline meet your schedule?

A long-lasting business could also have a strong professional network. Can the window company you’re researching provide the products you need? Do they know who to call for the materials you want to use?

2. Make Sure They’re Licensed and Insured

In addition to looking for someone with window repair experience, you’ll also want to make sure they’re licensed, insured, and bonded.

A licensed window repair expert is qualified to handle your project. Asking for proof of their license will give you peace of mind.

Are they bonded? If so, the team is willing to take responsibility if an accident happens. You’ll know you can trust their business. Otherwise, they might hold you responsible instead.

Make sure to ask for proof of their insurance, too. What if a worker is injured while repairing damage to windows on your property? Will you have to pay to cover their medical expenses?

Ask the company about how they handle these situations.

Otherwise, you might not realize certain costs fall on your shoulders until it’s too late.

3. Confirm They Can Handle the Scope of Your Project

Once you find a long-running, experienced company, talk with them about the scope of your project.

Are they available to start right away? Is there a long wait time? Leaving damage to windows unattended could impact your home’s energy efficiency.

If their schedule is too busy, you might want to keep researching.

Can they meet your timeline? Do they have the tools and materials necessary to handle the repairs?

Ask about the different window styles they can repair and replace as well. If you find the company doesn’t meet your needs, keep searching.

As you work through these tips, make sure to research a few different window repair companies in St. Louis. Researching different options will help you find the best company for your needs.

4. Ask if They Offer Financing

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Your windows in the house are in a desperate situation for an overhaul, but you don’t have all the money to do them all. Leaving you nervous because you would rather do them all at the same time.

Or maybe you don’t want to spend all your money on this project and would prefer to pay for them a little at a time.

As you research each window repair company, ask if they provide window financing. You also understand that this brings curb appeal to the house, which will add value.

What is the interest rate that they offer? All these things should be taken into consideration.

Offering to finance for a window repair company is a great service and something to consider before making your choice.

5. Consider the Costs

Some people waste as much as $150 each year in energy costs because of cracks. Instead, you’ll want to make sure your windows are airtight.

Ask each window company about the costs of their services and products. Make sure to compare different window styles, too. You might find a new style you prefer for your home.

Don’t forget to review different window repair costs to find a business that suits your needs and budget.

6. Speak With Previous Clients

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You don’t have to believe the window repair company at face value. Instead, reach out to the people who were once in your shoes: their previous clients.

Ask the company for references and reviews. Speaking with their previous clients will help you picture what it’s like to work with the window repair company.

Did the clients experience any issues while working with the team? How were the issues resolved?

If the company doesn’t send you references and reviews, that’s okay. You can find them yourself! Head online to the company’s Better Business Bureau or Google My Business listing.

There, you’ll find reviews from previous clients. Read a few to get a well-rounded idea of the business. Also, don’t just focus on the bad; not everyone will have a perfect experience, especially if the company has been around a long time. Take it all into consideration.

You can also ask the company about their most recent projects. Were any of their repairs similar to yours? Do they have before and after photos you can look at?

Visual evidence can help you choose the best company for your needs.

7. Review the Contract

As you begin narrowing down your options, make sure to ask each business for a quote and a copy of their contract.

Are all the products and services listed in the contract? What isn’t mentioned?

If you agreed on anything while speaking with the business, make sure it’s in writing. Getting a written copy of all agreements can help dispute any future disagreements.

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