St. Louis Replacement Windows Cost Estimates For Your Home

Window replacement cost is more affordable with Penny Window

How are your windows performing for you? Do they give your house the look you want while minimizing your energy consumption and costs? For many homeowners, that answer is no, and they would replace their windows except for one mystery: factoring in the window replacement cost.

If you’re considering replacement window companies or even doing it yourself, figuring out your window replacement cost can be frustrating. Too many companies hide charges so that when the project is finished, you’re left asking, “What did I sign up for?”.

St. Louis’s own Penny Window would like to take the mystery and frustration out of that process for you and help you get the best replacement windows you need and your home deserves. They’ve been satisfying homeowners in the St. Louis area for over 60 years. A big reason for their success is making sure their customers know what they’re getting and only providing the best.

How much do replacement windows cost?

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Window replacement cost can vary, based on the type of window you’re getting  – prices can range anywhere from $175 per window for single pane hung windows to $750 for casement windows. Depending on what you want as far as look and energy efficiency, you can choose from a number of different replacement window styles.

That’s all pretty standard. Where it can vary from there is in the related costs. Some factors that might escalate the cost of your replacement windows include:

  • The need to alter the existing frame
  • Upgraded glass
  • Exterior trim options
  • Time and travel to remote locations

Some replacement window companies and distributors will mark up their costs and charges as much as 60-80 percent. That’s not how Penny Window built their reputation. Sure, Penny Window makes money, but not by gouging their customers. You don’t remain St. Louls’s go-to replacement window provider by breaking the customer’s budget.

Home Advisor has compiled a helpful breakdown of window replacement cost, considerations and ideas.

Check out Penny Window’s affordable options for your windows replacement cost

Penny Window will come to your house and give you a free estimate. And that estimate won’t be missing any hidden charges or mark-ups you’re going to be paying for down the road. You can be sure of what you’re getting and what you’ll pay for it. That way you’re sure to remain within what you’ve budgeted.

Not only that, but you’ll also get service that’s second to none. Penny Window will be there from the moment you inquire to well after the project is finished to make sure you’re completely satisfied.

You don’t have to wait to give your home the quality replacement windows it needs and the energy savings you desire. And you certainly don’t have to make this kind of investment blind-folded or with only some of the information you need.  We even have financing options available!

For your replacement window needs, contact Penny Window, St. Louis’s tried and true window company.

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